Many of us are feeling confusing emotions as the world shifts into an entirely new paradigm of living in the Aquarian age. This is a time of a great shift in the electromagnetic field around all.  Many of us are feeling a bit off center, and maybe at times a little less clear with our thoughts. Yes, it is a time of great shift in our world.  We can pray and we can love.  We can give and we can love.  We can align with light and we can love.  And, when we feel stuck, there is magic in the sound current from divine mantras.  The sacred vibrations of the harmony and sound can create a cool and refreshing mist of connectivity and peace.
While teaching my morning yoga class I suddenly found myself sensing the shift with a profound understanding, while crying with a cathartic sensation as warm tears were running down my cheeks. They were tears of gratitude for the angels that connect us all, and the guidance that reminds us to accept the high vibration of energy flowing from our hearts.  The tears were an acceptance of vulnerability and compassion.  I want to promise you all something.  There is a palace of glorious perfection around you… at all times.  That is a blog for another day though.   Anyhow, as I stopped to take a deep breath, the room filled with a presence of complete light with a sensation of embracing warmth.  Truthfully, there is a realm of complete perfection beyond what we can see, hear and touch. Close your eyes and tune in.  It is in this palace of love that we can find peace.  This overflowing love is available to us all at all times, yet we often need to be reminded that our thoughts must shift to a positive frequency for us to experience the bliss.
Many of us are recognizing God’s touch in the midst of seeming chaos, and recognizing we may have to lose even our sense of self in order to find ourselves in truth. We are seeing that by allowing God’s infinite touch to arrange our lives as old ways crumble, we can move into light without fear, and allow divine grace to manifest, so that our lives can be guided into a healthier and more meaningful way.  We are blessed with the inspirational words of Yogi Bhajan.  He prepared us for this time, and it is with so much gratitude for his teachings that this blog is shared with you.
When old patterns seem to fall apart, do we accept that there are angels at work, or do we hold tightly to our old comfort zone in fear of losing what may not serve our consciousness any longer?  Do we allow ourselves to recognize the infinite touch of source energy, and put the pieces together into a new paradigm that will uplift our grace and humanity? Or are we attached to a preconceived idea of what that should be? And how do we know when we are on our God given path of evolution when our very soul sometimes feels lost?
There isn’t a piece by piece manual written for this transition into the Aquarian age. We must breathe and relax into our sensitivity and simply allow truth to lead us into our potential as light beings. When we surrender our ego, God can lead. And with the practice of Naad, the vibration of sacred sound, we can elevate our frequencies and connect with a higher force so we recognize the peace, harmony and bliss amidst what otherwise might appear as tremendous pain. First, we must shift our perspective from anger to compassion, and by accepting the palace of miracles beyond our rational minds, we can find our breath again. The gift of sound current and beautiful mantra will resonate, heal, uplift and align us with a deep remembrance of the perfection beyond the mind.
Yogi Bhajan explained that this new age would be a time of self-healing, regeneration, heart-centered living, collective awareness, mindfulness, individualism with freedom and increased integrity produced by a developed collective conscious awareness.  It sounds beautiful, but the transition can be difficult because we have to give up so many certainties. We can be afraid to take a leap of faith and follow our hearts.  I am truly feeling open to take the plunge. And I invite you to join me as I open my heart with deep love.  Our thoughts create the life we live.  Our hearts own the superb spark of illuminating happiness.  Our minds do not know how to move beyond fear, yet our hearts know love only.  There is a tiny brain in the heart.  May this beautiful place be the home of our thoughts.
In New Mexico during Summer Solstice, we chanted “Ant Na Siftee Kahan Na Ant”. This profound mantra is from Jap Ji, the sacred writing of Guru Nanak. Chanting this mantra eleven times a day can astonishingly ease this time of transition.  I have been chanting it every day since my return form New Mexico.  Yes, there have been tears – transitioning from old ways of living and opening to the courage of a new era can be so very complicated.  And during this time of transition this beautiful mantra has been a Godsend.
The words of this mantra evoke our awareness God’s hand in every single action, and acceptance of the divine grace that is sometimes incomprehensible to our minds, but lovingly accepted with the courage of our hearts.
Infinite are God’s praises, and those who praise are infinite
Infinite are God’s gifts, and God’s actions are infinite
Infinite is God’s vision and God’s hearing is infinite
Infinite is God’s knowledge, mind and motives
Infinite is God’s creativity, with  infinite limits
Infinite are those who struggle and long to find him
But God can never be defined
No one can know the limits
The more we describe the more are God’s mysteries
Most excellent with highest position
Highest of the high is God’s Name
If one were as vast and tall as God
Only then could one know God’s height.
Only God knows his own self
Nanak by grace are God’s gifts received
This mantra opens my heart in the most miraculous ways.  It enables the little brain in my heart to prevail over the monkey mind brain in my head! Just listening to the vibration of this mantra can uplift you, and assist your heart in being the boss.  The beauty is that even if you have never chanted before, the sound current alone will take you to the palace of light.  I am so grateful to the artists who have created such lovely versions of this chant.   The sound current of these words will uplift the sacred space around you so you may experience the elevated love and recognition of God’s infinite gifts, and the angelic grace that is with you always.
We are going through these changes together.  With infinite love, vulnerable connectivity and innocent grace we will elevate the frequency of our world so we may live in ease and bliss. It is time we live from our hearts so we can give, give and give. And receive God’s gifts. I pray this gift of sensitive openness fills your soul so that we can join together in the frequency of allowing truth to align with our lives. We are one.

Recommended versions of this mantra include:

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