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A Conversation with the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)….

What courses are you offering this summer?

KRI offers Teacher Training courses for all levels of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® every summer in Espanola, New Mexico, where Yogi Bhajan lived and taught for many years.

This summer, KRI is offering three courses in Espanola:


The Aquarian Teacher KRI Level One Immersion Teacher Training Program consists of a 28-day residential immersion in Espanola from Saturday, August 2, 2014 4:00 p.m. until Friday, August 29, 2014 8:00 a.m. Fulfillment of the requirements for this course continues through Feb. 2, 2015.


The Aquarian Teacher Vitality and Stress KRI Level Two Teacher Training Program is one of the five modules required for Level Two certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. The Vitality and Stress module in Espanola this year begins Sunday, June 29 (6:00 p.m.) and finishes Saturday, July 5 (8:00 p.m.).

21 Stages of Meditation

(Part of the intensive group meditation requirement for Level Three)

The Second Journey of the 21 Stages of Meditation The Expressive Self

Takes place in Espanola just before the 3HO Summer Solstice event in New Mexico. While these are two distinct experiences, many people enjoy the deep smaller group meditations that this course offers prior to their journey up “the mountain” for Summer Solstice.

The Expressive Self covers Stages 8–14 of the 21 Stages of Meditation. While it fulfills part of the intensive group meditation requirement for Level Three Teacher Training certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, this course is open to practitioners at all levels and there are no prerequisites.

Go deeper and get closer to your Self. Express and be your Self! This course takes place in Espanola from Monday, June 16 (5:00 p.m.) until Thursday, June 19 (8:00 a.m.).

What is the value of coming to Espanola to take them?

Yogi Bhajan taught and lived in Espanola for many years. Nestled in the beautiful valley between the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez mountain ranges in beautiful northern New Mexico, Espanola is home to the Mother Ashram of Sikh Dharma in the West. “The Ranch”, Yogi Bhajan’s home, has been lovingly kept up by students over the years and there are always opportunities to do seva, meditate, and attend community celebrations at this unique property.

KRI was established by Yogi Bhajan in 1972 to actively uphold the integrity of the teachings and to create Teacher Training programs and certify Teachers in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® worldwide.

The KRI Level One Immersion Teacher Training Program allows you to fully experience the lifestyle and practice of Kundalini Yoga. Away from usual routines of day-to-day life and surrounded by a unique community of like-minded peers and teachers you are invited to completely delve into your training and personal development.

What do people learn in your Teacher Training?

Yogi Bhajan had a mission to create Teachers for the Aquarian Age. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® teaches us to serve the Aquarian Age with consciousness, love and grace. It shows us how to apply our unique characters and strength of commitment to the cultivation of the new era of global peace and harmony.

The KRI Level One Immersion Program in Espanola draws specialists to teach all of the major components of the course, giving you an opportunity to learn from experts. You will integrate sound and mantra throughout the course, with deep meditative experiences from 31 minutes to 2.5 hours.

You will have the opportunity to experience teaching your peers at least two times during the course, and you should leave immersion in Espanola with the confidence and knowledge to begin teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.


What are the highlights of the courses?

The KRI Level One Immersion Program in Espanola attracts an International cohort of students who are committed to growth and development and service to humanity in the Aquarian Age. Each person drawn to the Immersion in Espanola has a unique destiny to be there and you may find yourself making lifelong friendships with your classmates. There are no coincidences!

The course features a high percentage of Trainers who studied directly with Yogi Bhajan for years. Being in Espanola right by the Mother Ashram, you will find yourself in the midst of a large community who support the teachings and the process you will undertake in the Immersion Program. A delicious local, organic vegetarian diet will be provided each day of the Immersion to lend positive support to your body throughout the course.

What will someone see and be a part of at the ashram?

During the KRI Level One Immersion Program in Espanola the community celebrates Yogi Bhajan’s birthday party, with a party at “The Ranch”, which was Yogi Bhajan’s home for many years up until his passing in 2004.  2014 marks the 10th year since Yogi Bhajan’s passing and the community in Espanola is planning special events to commemorate this 10th anniversary. At the Espanola Immersion you will also be given the opportunity to do seva in the community gardens and greenhouses where some of the food for the course is grown. Every morning in the Gurdwara, which is on the same property where classes are taught each day, there is morning Sadhana with live music. Opportunities abound in Espanola to deepen your practice and your understanding of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

Who will the teachers be?

Some of the Trainers for the KRI Level One Immersion Program in Espanola this year include:

Nirvair Singh Khalsa – Lead Trainer of the Immersion and CEO of KRI

Siri Neel Kaur Khalsa – Lead Trainer

Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa – Professional Trainer

Sat Kaur Khalsa – Associate Trainer

Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa – Lead Trainer

Amrit Singh Khalsa – Lead Trainer

Nirvair Kaur Khalsa – Lead Trainer

Japa Kaur Khalsa – Associate Trainer

Nirmal Kaur Lumpkin – Associate Trainer

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa – Associate Trainer


What is a typical day like in Teacher Training?

On a typical day at the KRI Level One Immersion Program you will wake up early and walk from your dorm in the crisp mountain morning to Sadhana at the Gurdwara. After Sadhana, steaming mugs of yogi tea and a nutritious breakfast are served. You then check in with your small group, which is an integral part of your support system as you journey through the immersion experience. It is then time to attend class where you may meditate, chant, do yoga, sweat, cry, laugh… and learn. Lunch provides a restorative pause mid-day and an opportunity to converse with trainers and share experiences with fellow students. Classes continue through the afternoon with more opportunities to do yoga, meditate, sweat, cry, laugh, be confronted with your self and Self, and grow. In the evening, you will have dinner with your classmates followed by time to contemplate, study, practice, do self-care activities, unwind, and, of course, sleep!

Who would benefit from taking these courses?

Anyone who feels called to be a teacher for the Aquarian Age and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® may want to consider coming out for the Immersion Program in Espanola. Make a commitment or renew your commitment to deepen your practice of the teachings and your understanding of your Self. Equip yourself with tools and techniques that you will carry with you throughout your life and that you can use to help others as they journey through their own processes.


Find out more information at http://www.kundaliniresearchinstitute.org/

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