Being brave on stage!

I am honored again this year to be accompanied by my mother (Amar Kaur) for the 2013 Sat Nam Fest West children’s Program. We are busy planning some fun new activities and we look forward to seeing old and new friends there! Last year the big highlight definitely was when the children joined Snatam Kaur on stage to sing and perform celestial communications with a few beautiful songs and mantras we learned together. (Take a look at Snatam Kaur and the kids leading Celestial Communication here.)

All the kids at our closing ceremony

The children also made their own prayer flags, and shared their meaningful prayers with everyone. After 4 days of yoga, chanting, trust building, leadership games and challenges the children were so empowered. Their self esteem was so high that not one of them was scared or too shy to get up in front of the 500 people and share their heart felt prayers and voices! This year again, we’ll be using many fun initiatives and games to instill trust, team building and leadership skills, so the children leave feeling confident and empowered.

Our focus for Sat Nam Fest this Spring will be on the power of a positive mind set, and how our thoughts are projections that have the power to transform. To help bring this idea into the physical realm for the children, we will work with affirmations.   The children will craft a wooden frame displaying their own photo wrapped with their personal affirmation to take home.  Yes, even kids can understand this stuff, and have fun with it too!  The children will have daily yoga and chanting as well as time to prepare a special presentation to share with everyone on Sunday at the closing ceremony, accompanied by Snatam Kaur.

Joshua Tree offers some beautiful hiking trails, so we plan to pack our snacks to go, and hit the trails!  There’s so much to explore in nature, the children will love the time outside, learning and playing games in the great outdoors. We are well-staffed, so the short legged members of the group won’t have to struggle to keep up, or walk as far as the faster paced children.

Jai with the kids last year

So, while you’re off enjoying all that the festival has to offer, know that your children’s days with us will be full of inspiring experiences, connections with new friends, learning about spirit,  creative crafts, games and tons of fun throughout!

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