The day has arrived, and I couldn’t be happier to share my newest single “When She Rises” featuring Woven Kin with you on all streaming platforms!


This song features Woven Kin, a new project with my dear friend and collaborator, the brilliant harpist and vocalist, Aisling Urwin. We wrote this song last year on a dark winter night by the fire. It is about moving through the cool darkness of life’s shadows, and trusting the mysterious twists and turns, rises and falls, that we meet. “When She Rises” invokes the feeling of an inward turn and tells the story of quiet strength rising out of times spent in solitude and life’s shadows. The song is a companion and a sanctuary to carry with you as we move through these ever-changing cycles of life, and I’m especially grateful to share it as we move through these uncertain times as a global community.

This song emerged from a moment in life when I felt the ground shifting beneath me, and life asking for a step toward something unknown. “When She Rises” came to me as a comfort for these changing times; a reminder of a subtle sanctuary of strength within, even more powerful and important to reach for in moments of difficulty. It’s a reminder that life’s challenges come when we are ready to meet them and let them shift and change who we know ourselves to be. So, at this time when we find ourselves moving across uneven ground as a global community, I hope this song brings you peace and space to feel what lives in your heart in these days. The shadows dance and only make the flickers of light appear more beautiful.


My wildly talented friend Aisling Urwin and I met a couple years ago in a pub in Co. Kerry, Ireland, and have had such a profound musical collaboration since. She’s also become one of my dearest friends, and the music we write and sing together feels effortless and natural. Our voices weave in a way that feels like coming home to some other part of myself. This song in particular has meant a lot to me for these past couple of years. It’s carried me, and I hope it will carry others too. Aisling and I have spent many days and nights cozied up by the fire or working out harmonies while cooking dinner. We’ve held these songs close, and now it’s beyond exciting to share what they’ve blossomed into with our listeners.


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