Spirit Voyage Proudly Presents: Activating Your Creative Power with Aykanna!


This 4 part vlog series will help you get in touch with your true, creative self. Each week, we will post a new video for you to explore. The space of love that Sukhdev and Akah live in pours through them into their teaching – allowing you to absorb all of the love and compassion that they exude.

You can find their first class in this series here.

You can find the second class in this series here.

In the third of this 4 part vlog series, Sukhdev and Akah teach us to relax, and trust in the universe to provide for us. They guide us through a segmented breath that allows us to be calm, and to let go.

Segmented Breath (4-8): 

1. In easy pose, sit with a straight spine.

2. Beneath the closed lids, turn the eyes up and in to the brow point (where the eyebrows would meet).

3. Inhale through the nose in 4 equal strokes (in a sniffing motion) and exhale in 8 equal parts.


3 – 5 minutes

Check out Aykanna’s incredible music here!

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