Spirit Voyage Proudly Presents: Activating Your Creative Power with Aykanna!


This 4 part vlog series will help you get in touch with your true, creative self. Each week, we will post a new video for you to explore. The space of love that Sukhdev and Akah live in pours through them into their teaching – allowing you to absorb all of the love and compassion that they exude.

You can find their first class in this series here.

In the second of this 4 part vlog series, Sukhdev and Akah teach us how to channel all of our emotions into a powerful creative force. They remind us that our feelings – whether fear, anger, frustration, joy, or sorrow –  are seeking a gateway to flow through. Rather than becoming stuck in these emotions, we can surrender and give them an outlet, which can help us sink into the creative power within.

This class teaches us Breath of Fire with Lion’s Paw – a powerful meditation to help us realign the electromagnetic field of the brain and tap into our creative fire.

Breath of Fire With Lions Paw Instructions: 

Sit with a straight spine, with a light neck lock (jalandhar bandh).


Make both hands into Lion’s Paws: curl and tighten the fingers of each hand. Keep the tension in the hands throughout the exercise. Extend both arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground with the palms up.

Breath of Fire and Movement: 

Bring both arms up over the head so that the hands pass each other over the crown of the head. The elbows bend and the palms face down. Then bring the hands back down as you extend the arms out parallel to the ground again. Start a rhythmic motion in this way. Alternate which wrist is in front when they cross by each other over the head. Create a powerful breath with the motion of the arms. The arm motion is very fast-paced. The breath is an inhale as the arms extend and an exhale as the arms cross over the head. The breath becomes a steady Breath of Fire.


9 minutes

Without breaking the pace of the exercise, stick the tongue out and down all the way. Continue for 15 seconds more. Then inhale, bring in the tongue and fix the arms at 60 degrees, so that they form an arc around the head with the palms facing down about six inches apart over the head. The hands are still in Lion’s Paws. Hold the breath for 15 seconds. Keep the arms fixed as you exhale and inhale completely. Then hold the breath for 30 seconds. Relax and let the arms down. Meditate at the Heart Center. Follow the gentle flow of the breath. Chant an inspiring and uplifting song. Continue for 3-5 minutes.

(Instructions courtesy of www.kriteachings.org)

Check out Aykanna’s incredible music here!

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