Daughters, Mothers and Grandmothers sitting together, creating, sharing and loving. Women are awakening to a deep inner call, a second heart is pumping stronger – we can feel the heartbeat of our wombs, here where we listen to the whispers of creation. A voice reminds us that we are daughters of the Earth, a sacred flowing sound reminds us that we are Water, a sparkling light reminds us that we are Fire, a lightness in a loving heart reminds us that we are Air.

Dollarphotoclub_80746219We are women: unconditional lovers, wild spirits that carry the power of life in our wombs, we are the sacred vessel, receivers of the seeds. We know how to nurture and care for them –  they grow within our own flesh and blood, and lovingly we bring life forth, we give birth to our babies. We hold them, feed them, pray for them and walk by their side along the way.

We’ve walked several paths: we’ve learned, we’ve fallen, we’ve raised, we’ve healed, we’ve done our work going within.  We’ve seen our darkness, we’ve made love with our shadow and made peace with our minds. We trust.

As women, we have been together through time and space, we know and remember the ancient ways. We’ve danced under the moonlight, we have prayed to the fire, we have given birth in the forests, and swam in the Oceans. We are in love with our bodies, hearts and souls. We surrender to Creation, to Nature and in Oneness re-weave the fabric of consciousness.

Dollarphotoclub_78265294We trust ourselves. We love our bodies,  trust and honor their wisdom – our wisdom. We know we are perfect, capable, strong and tender. We remember the knowledge within us, we create our experiences, embracing them and being responsible for them.

We recognize each other: we bow to each other, we see our reflection in our sister’s eyes, in our mother´s eyes. We love and honor each other: we are all equally visible and we know we are all deliciously different. Like flowers, we unfold in our unique ways.

We learn from each other, we hold hands and support each other. We know our needs and respect them. We are here, together. We are here to serve and love, love and serve.

We recognize the divine masculine within and without: we honor and trust our partners, brothers, fathers and grandfathers. We walk in peace with the sons of the Sky and the Sun, the great givers. We listen, we care and pray for them. We reflect our most intimate and holy desires. We connect, we create together, we love, we uplift and support each other.

Women today are passionate about life – we honor every step of the journey. We are here, walking our talk, standing tall. Holding space for prayer, love, peace and harmony.  We are here to serve Mother Earth, and all creation.

We are Women, Sisters, SeaStars, SiStars.

Sat Nam.


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