Gurunam Singh and Liz McCollum

I’m a big fan of Gurunam Singh’s music,  so when I found out his Journey Home Tour was bringing him through New Orleans, I immediately bought a ticket. My high expectations were exceeded, as I was treated to a beautiful evening of kirtan and storytelling, surrounded by an intimate group of kirtan lovers and Kundalini Yogis from as far away as Pensacola, Florida!

As anyone who listens to his music might expect, Gurunam Singh is an incredibly kind and humble person. He was a bit reluctant to talk about himself, but really opened up when talking about his beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan. It was really wonderful to hear some of the experiences he had with Yogi Bhajan, and to think about how his time with Yogiji inform his music. And watch out, because Gurunam is also funny and might just crack you up with some of his jokes and stories! After the kirtan, he graciously took the time to speak to anyone who wanted to talk to him, and even gave a few hugs and high fives.

The kirtan itself was a selection of some of my favorite tracks from his albums, each one warming my heart more than the last. He opened the show with “Ong Namo” from The Journey Home. Later, I was thrilled to sing along with “Guru Ram Das” and “Wah Yantee,” my two favorite tracks from Crimson Sadhana. And throughout the night, Gurunam pulled from Silent Moonlight Meditation, leading us in “Jai Te Gung,” “Sat Nam Ji,” and “Silent Moonlight Meditation.” As much as I loved hearing my favorite tracks, it was equally exciting to hear a few of the new songs Gurunam is working on for a future album. As an artist, Gurunam seems to always exist in the space of creation, and I know we are all in for a treat when his next album comes out!

Gurunam is a very talented musician, but he’s not a one man show. He was joined by Hardev Singh on guitar and backup vocals and Ghansham Singh on percussion. Hardev added some lovely harmonies and extra guitar flourishes, which really gave the music nice depth. He and Gurunam have been on tour together for a few months now, and it really shows in how seamlessly they play together. And Ghansham’s drumming was so perfectly on point with each song that you would think he’s been on the tour for months instead of just a few shows. Ghansham is also a lovely piano player, as we found out when he sat down and played a little after the show!

There are still several stops left on Gurunam’s Journey Home Tour. I cannot encourage you enough to take part in a heart opening kirtan experience with Gurunam Singh! Before the show, feel free to make friends with the people around you. Kundalini Yogis, glance around and situate yourself near some of the people not wearing white – they may need help with some of the lyrics from time to time!  And after the show, go up and say “hi” to Gurunam. He truly is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

See Gurunam on his Journey Home Tour, stopping in a city near you:

Mt Pleasant, South Carolina 09/02/2011

Swannanoa, North Carolina 09/03/2011

Down Auburn, New York 09/10/2011

New Preston, Connecticut 09/11/2011

New York, New York 09/12/2011

New York, New York 10/08/2011


And of course, at Spirit Fest in Waynesboro, PA from September 16-18, 2011!


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