Our Special Discount Code for Winter Solstice: SATNAM50

Save $50 when you register with our code!

Spend the season of gratitude and giving with friends old and new in the beautiful landscape of Central Florida. Renew the bonds to your higher self amidst an international spiritual community of inspired souls. Expand your inner light with experiences that will prepare you for 2013.

Come see Spirit Voyage in our booth at the bazaar, take classes with Spirit Voyage’s own Ramdesh Kaur and Harnam Singh.  Plus music by Nirinjan Kaur, Ashana and many other talented musicians!

“Winter 2010 was my first ever Solstice celebration. I will not miss another! I felt totally at home and loved. Every set of eyes smiled at me and welcomed me. People I had never seen before came up and hugged me on a daily basis. I had more fun than I had ever had in my life.
~Rickie Dickerson, Riverside California, 2010 Winter Solstice attendee

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