Sat Siri - Jessica Cauffiel and GuruGanesha Singh

GuruGanesha and Sat Siri sharing some musical ideas for the album

(Editor’s Note:  We got this letter from Satsiri by way of GuruGanesha and had to share it with you all…we feel the same way!  Pre-order your copy of GuruGanesha’s new album, which Satsiri sings on–today!)

Satnam Uncle GEE,  KUNDALINI SURJHEE IS AMAAAAAAAAZING-JI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simply delicious, Krishan’s wonderful work–with Thomas Barquee‘s magic wand touches!

After listening to “Walk With the Lord,” “One God” (wow–the piano, horns, organ, bass–amazing–rocking!) and “Mul Mantra,”–Holy Goodness, am I honored to sing on those tracks–I was so moved and excited, I simply had to listen to the entire album the whole way through on my Bose headphones. What a delight! And “Aval Allah” was so powerful, mysterious, rich–it took me on a profound journey. I couldn’t help but get up and dance! Some of the rhythmic phrasing, both musically and vocally, on that track and throughout the album, is unlike anything I’ve heard on yours or any other chant albums, and I just LOVE it.

This is my FAVORITE GuruGanesha album. It is so filled with pulsating energy, rhythm, diversity, joy, power, beauty, exploration and FUN. It takes the listener on a deep, transformative, uplifting, heart-opening journey. Such a perfect balance of Shiva/Shakti energy–and a major Kundalini BLAST/transmission! Each track is so unique, each one a jewel. Your voice, songwriting and guitar mojo simply SHINE! Guruganesha and his Goddesses–each who are showcased and bring color and beauty, in their own special way. Such a true and powerful flowering of the Divine Mother, throughout. I celebrate my glorious Shakti Ma songstress sisters, and am so thrilled to be in their beauty-full company! Thank you for honoring the Divine Feminine within and without, through your music.

I am really inspired by the seamless way you incorporate and blend English in with the mantras, which takes true skill. I am so impressed with how the luminosity and divine potency of your soul radiates and pours forth with passionate devotion, on each and every track. This recording truly captures the magic of your spirit! It is such an honor to be a part of the sacred tapestry of this beautiful, powerful album.

Sat Siri and GuruGanesha having fun rehearsing "One God"

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of Kundalini Surjhee, my dearest, Divine Uncle–I bow to you in Namaste, Gratitude and Congratulations! Cosmic High Five on a job well done. 🙂 You inspire me in infinite ways. Thank you for being a part of my life and my heart. It is a blessing beyond words.

Thank you for sharing this jewel of an album with me! I am deeply grateful to be one of its participants and first audience members, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear it!

Loving You Eternally, in the Divine, Joyous Now ~ Dancing Together in the Sacred Heartsong.

Your Niece in the Naam,

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru!

Sat Siri ~ (Jessica Cauffiel)

GuruGanesha will be going on tour with Tina Malia on their upcoming Song of the Soul Tour which will feature incredible live versions of the music on this album as well as music from Tina Malia’s own incredible discography.

Visit their tour website to find out when they will be in your area.

2011 · 2012 World Tour starting April 15.

Sacramento, California 04/15/2011
Santa Rosa, California 04/16/2011
Grass Valley, California 04/17/2011
Ashland, Oregon 04/20/2011
Seattle, Washington 04/22/2011
Eugene, Oregon 04/24/2011
Berkeley, California 04/29/2011
San Rafael, California 04/30/2011
Santa Cruz, California 05/01/2011
Santa Barbara, California 05/04/2011
Los Angeles, California 05/06/2011
Encinitas, California 05/07/2011
San Diego, California 05/08/2011

The Song of the Soul Tour will be visiting the Eastern US and Canada in September 2011.

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