There are many moments in my Yogic practices that daily practice can go through a downward slope, even at times to a screeching halt. I’ve heard myself say as many others have said, “I hope after solstice (winter/summer Kundalini Yoga event) that I’ll get back to my morning Sadhana (daily spiritual practice)!”

The interesting experiment I recently had was my experience at a Zen Buddhist Monastery for a month long residency. Although I was there to learn the lifestyle of Zen practices, I went with my heart encapsulated by my Kundalini Yoga life.

Little did I know there would be absolutely no room for it in the monastic schedule. There were so many ways in which my practice opposed these Buddhist practices; that similar to the Buddhist in Tibet I had to sneak and hide my practices.

I wasn’t allowed to wrap my head in the Zendo (Meditation Hall) as I was used to doing every morning during my Sadhana or do any other practices other than Zen Buddhist in the Zendo. We awoke at 4:00 am every morning and on occasion earlier so I had to count out Sadhana; but at first I wasn’t ready to give in so easily. These restrictions gave me fire! I would wake at 2:30 am and do my Sadhana but that ended pretty quickly. I still kept finding empty rooms so I wouldn’t disrupt my roommates and little pockets of space in the day.

A monastery’s schedule has a meditative tradition to support it and this time of the year the schedule was more full than one could imagine. Somehow, to my amazement within this schedule I found this surge of will to grasp onto those free moments and went after these Kundalini Kriyas that I love so much. Everything was an adjustment and a reconfiguration. What ended up happening was I found my practice more constant and more solid than ever. This situation made me not only end up embracing new practices of Zen but strengthening my Kundalini Practice, appreciating it’s rarity as I could hardly stop talking about it!

I was lucky to have met a newly ordained monk who lived at a NYC Kundalini Ashram; she later would become known as my, “Dharma Twin.” My Dharma Twin was an essential key to my support through my early culture shock at the Monastery. In the end, when I was there practicing Zen devotedly I was also tireless in my pursuit to have Kundanlini Yoga in my day. I truly felt my divine right was this Kundalini Yoga practice that was passed down to me by my teachers. I had to learn a flexibility and satisfaction to just it practice at all. Sometimes it would only be one day I did Sat Kriya for a simple 3 minutes and the next day only chant Japji; but I never gave up.

I feared it would hurt my practice if I did this Monastic Residency, but instead inspired me to keep going. We have little opportunity in this world to have Kundalini Yoga so readily available as we do at our Kundalini Events, including Winter and Summer Solstice Events. That is our time, our space of honing and rejuvenation; to turn on that Shakti Energy, our creative life force that transcends us to awareness of a truly miraculous existence and it’s multitude of facets.

Know this, that every morning when you think, “I don’t want to get up this morning! I have two hours until I need to be up! I’ll do my practice tomorrow…”

Remember to not turn away from your rights to freedom on this earth. The gift of these Kundalini teachings isn’t just a gift unto me but it’s for all of us! Yogi Bhajan made sure of that! And you never know when that option to practice can be stripped away in our day to day life, we must take advantage! In my life I appreciate and find use in many spiritual traditions, but this Kundalini Yoga tradition passed down to us by Yogi Bhajan, this practice is my beloved and when it comes to these jewels of enlightenment I will never be complete without my “Kundalini Lovin.”

Yogi Bhajan

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“Crystals of Consciousness”
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Sea Bright, NJ


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