Dollarphotoclub_82265231Self-love. It is a hard thing to pull off, a struggle that I see far too many people have, a fight I have with myself daily. I wish it was easy, that I could look in the mirror, honestly assess myself, and walk away thinking I am beautiful, worthy, loved… in short, perfect. Some days that is the case, many days it is not. Many days I find I am my most fearsome rival. Many days I beat myself up for my imperfections, for failing in entirely human ways and I hate it. I hate that I cannot forgive myself for my errors, that I cannot love myself for my flaws, that I do not see the beauty and humanity in them.

This has been my struggle as of late. Self-love and self-compassion. Realizing the perfection in the imperfections. The beauty in the flaws. Learning to forgive myself for mistakes instead of beating myself up for days and weeks over them. Learning to reduce myself to love. It has become my personal mantra, the little prayer I send into the universe throughout the day. Reduce me to love.

I am not asking the universe to make me smaller or less then I am. I am begging it to help me let go of everything else, reduce what I am down to the most amazing, loving version of myself I can be. Reduce me down to a being of love.

It helps, asking the universe for support. Getting to a quiet space and consciously changing my thoughts. Changing the conversations that I have with myself. I realize more and more that we are the products of our own thought patterns. When you change the conversation everything within you shifts. At least it has with me. When I ask the universe to reduce me to love it changes everything. I can’t be as angry with myself when I am asking the entire universe to not let me be that way. It is a big thing, to me anyways, to ask the universe to support me. It is not something I have taken for granted and so when I ask for stuff it is for the big stuff. The life changing stuff. The stuff that allows me to be a better version of myself and allows me to show up for the rest of the world.

So universe I beg you, reduce me to love. Show me how to have compassion for myself, so I can have compassion for those around me. Show me how to love myself so I can so thoroughly love those around me. Reduce me to love so that the only thing people feel from me is kindness, compassion, and heart.

I invite you to share in my little prayer (which is kind of not so little) to the universe. I invite you to find that quiet space within you and consciously change the conversation you have with yourself. Love yourself. You are so very perfect in your imperfections. You are gorgeous in your humanity. Please don’t forget that. Don’t let yourself stand in front of the mirror and hate what you see anymore. Change the conversation and tell yourself just how amazing and beautiful you are. Because it is true.

Here is a helpful resource for self-love and acceptance:

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