First off, let’s just point out that the greatest gift you can give anyone (and we do mean anyone) is your love.  When you are connected to your own Infinity, you can inspire other people to become connected to theirs and there is no better feeling than that!  But let’s just say that you also wanted to share a little token of your admiration and appreciation just for the sheer love of giving.  After all, who doesn’t love a present?!

In one of our favorite Rebirthing DVDs, while the class is doing the kriya, Yogi Bhajan is gleefully opening a gift from a student.  When he finds in the box a crystal singing bowl, he happily begins to play it!  With this tip from the Master of Kundalini Yoga, we can all rest in the knowledge that giving gifts isn’t necessary, but it is a whole lot of fun!

In that spirit, we’ve put together this Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Kundalini Yogis.  Ho-ho-ho, or should we say Har-har-har!

1.  Sat Nam Fest

There really isn’t anything like Sat Nam Fest.  Loving, supportive, expansive…four days of total bliss!  Chant with your favorite singers, practice with your favorite teachers, and make new friends!  You can get tickets for the festival in Mexico, California or Pennsylvania!

2. The Sound Current

New music warms up any fireside stocking.  Check out the new releases by Snatam Kaur (Heart of the Universe), Mirabai Ceiba (Between the Shores of Our Souls), and Nirinjan Kaur (Prem Siri).

3. Book Worm

Adding the latest Kundalini manuals to someone’s library shelves is always appreciated.  These new manuals will satisfy even the most fussy Kundalini bookworms.


4. An Evening with Yogi Bhajan

Grab a video class with Yogi Bhajan on DVD and make a night of it!   A great holiday party idea includes snuggling around the tv for some Kundalini yoga with the master, followed by a hot mug of Yogi Tea!

5. Morning Bliss

And speaking of Yogi Tea, these new Mantra Mugs make great gifts for yogis.  Uplift the energy of the water inside the mug with these powerful mantras “Sat Nam”, “Waheguru“, “Ong Namo” and “Ra Ma Da Sa“.

6. Helpful Reminders

Give the gift that keeps on giving through the year!  A Yogi Bhajan calendar provides 365 days of inspiration.

7. A Little Something Sparkly

This little necklace will bring a smile to any yogi face.


8. A Big Something Sparkly

Tantric necklaces are more than jewelry, they are yogic technology that you get to wear.  They are gorgeous and come in many different combinations to activate a particular quality within you.

9. A Yogi Adventure

Browse Spirit Voyage’s Ticket Guru and find a workshop, concert or retreat that appeals to you!  Chant with Snatam Kaur in concert or run away to Mexico with Jai-Jagdeesh and Ramdesh Kaur this January!

10. Dreaming of a White Christmas

All Kundalini yogis dream of a white Christmas….we all love new white clothes!  Whether its the perfect pair of white yoga pants or a luxurious white wrap, white Kundalini yoga clothes make great treats for all!

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