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This poem was inspired by Winter Solstice and Snatam Kaur’s version of the prayer “Suniai”.


The night is darkest
and coldest
just before the break of dawn:
eyes closed
hands to the heart
I stand
beneath the gray
shade of tall live oaks:
we breath,
as one
in the wet breeze:
as one
we listen
to the night silence
to its gentle pound –
its beat
and song ……

I dare not open my eyes,
nor let them skim
the night sky
and drink in
the kisses of
flickering  stars.
I dare not feel
the grace of their
silver winter light,
nor trace
the swift fall
of a shooting star,
falling way past
the small space
I hold
on this earthen place,
on this afterthought
of the vast cosmos.

I stand
framed in shadow
by  the soft garlands
of Spanish moss
that fall toward
the sandy soil
from the tallest
of these gnarled limbs.
Like the pilgrim
I am
I hold tight to my heart,
so that I may truly see
and truly listen
to the purest gifts
around me.

If I lift my eyes
toward the night sky,
I may burn where I stand
from the sheer energy –
the brute power
and brightness
of this winter solstice moon.
I dare not pull
my hands from the warmth,
to reach like wings
toward the strongest
and highest drifts
to braze
the golden god
with crimson plumes
from my peaceful heart.

We breath as one:
the nighthawk,
the lake’s waves,
the footfalls of
horses in the fields
beyond the pasture’s gate,
as one,
the deer and fox
treading lightly
through the stiff grasses,
as one,
sand hill cranes
in early flight toward
a distant place.

I am one
with the current
of this night:
every pore of
my human form
but freed to sound,
to boundless song
vibrating in my veins,
I listen,
but I am the sound –
the song,
I open my eyes
to take in the vision,
but it is in me
in the silence …..

(Editor’s Note: Click HERE for information about Suniai, a sacred prayer about listening, which holds within it the energy of expansion and grace.)

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