1. Snatam Kaur : There are not enough good words in the world to describe Snatam Kaur. Her soft vocals and sweet devotion come through beautifully as she mesmerizes crowds and delivers a blissful, meditative experience with her kirtan.

After having a baby in November, she has returned to the road with events in Mexico, the US Midwest and now on to the East Coast.  Accompanied by Guruganesha Singh on Guitar and Manish Vyas on Tabla, she has never sounded better. See her complete schedule: http://www.spiritvoyage.com/EventsLanding.aspx?artist=snatam%20kaur#GoDown

2. Dave Stringer is the ultimate kirtan walla. He does probably 220 events per year. He masterfully builds the energy of a group with the cadence of his chanting and refined vocals. He has recently started teaming up with yoga teachers and delivering yoga retreats and music in exotic locations such as Bali, Mexico, Greece and beyond. For his full schedule, check out davestringer.com

3. Krishna Das puts on an excellent show . He mixes hilarious stories of India with deeper meaning, into his musical performance. He plays harmonium and is best known for his deep vocal quality. His shows tend to draw anywhere from 800-1500 in the US and even larger abroad. They are an event not to be missed. See his full schedule at http://www.krishnadas.com/tour_schedule.cfm

4. Deva Premal & Miten are currently in Europe until September when they embark on and US/Canada East Coast tour. Along with Krishna Das they have been the largest draw for seekers of Sanskrit chanting in the West. They have paved the way for many artists and leave audiences blissfully enchanted with their music. Their full schedule can be found here: http://www.devapremalmiten.com/events_home.htm

5. Mirabai Ceiba have been drawing large audiences throughout Europe for a few years now. They opened for the West Coast tour of Snatam Kaur in 2008 and are now embarking on their first sole US West Coast tour. You will enjoy the sound of soothing vocals accompanied by the harp & guitar. Their full schedule is available here http://www.spiritvoyage.com/EventsLanding.aspx?artist=mirabai%20ceiba#GoDown

6. Wah! has taken her music into a more energetic, pop direction in recent years which has endeared her to a whole new audience. She has landed more yoga magazine covers than any one as of late and she has released more than 20 albums. Her shows promise a mix devotional kirtan with an upbeat rhythm. She is travelling through the Mid West until embarking for Europe in early June. For her full schedule see : http://www.wahmusic.com/performances.html

7. Jai Uttal is a world music afficionado which comes through in his live performances. He plays numerous instruments including the piano, guitar, sarod, harmonium and more. His shows include excellent instrumentals along with the ecstatic chant rhythm. For his full schedule see : http://jaiuttal.com/events/

8. David Newman AKA Durga Das has, next to Dave Stringer, the most complete tour schedule. Currently on tour in the US South East, he also holds a number of retreats, workshops and kirtan camps. See his schedule : http://www.davidnewmanmusic.com/start/02.html

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