Chakras Female SilhouetteThe chakras are subtle energy centers, literally “wheels”, that exist on the physiological level as nerve plexuses.  All except the 7th are located on the Sushmanaa, the central nerve channel within the spinal cord.  Life force travels through these channels, a literal “stairway to consciousness” or dare I say it, a “stairway to heaven”.  Understanding the chakras as tools for personal growth and identifying the  mantras which can help open the energy within each wheel is important for every practitioner of yoga.  There are many mantras that correspond to the chakras, but here I have selected one for each chakra.  Sometimes mantras can be relevant to more than one chakra (for example, Hummee Hum can stimulate both the Heart and Throat Centers).  Sing, chant and leave these Kundalini mantras playing in your environment to strengthen the chakras of your choice.

The First Chakra lies in the area of the rectum.  It deals with instinct and one’s most primitive survival needs.  A mantra to strengthen the root chakra is the Mul Mantra, literally the “Root Mantra”, which eliminates fear.

GuruGanesha’s Power Mul Mantra!

The Second Chakra corresponds to the sexual organs and deals with creativity, procreation and relationships. The mantra Adi Shakti, calling upon the Divine Mother force of creativity, helps to balance and heal this chakra.

Adi Shakti Namo Namo!

The Third Chakra lies around the area of the navel center and deals with issues of power, energy, health and vitality. The mantra Har, meaning God, is a power mantra that activates the solar plexus.

The classic “Har”.

The Fourth Chakra corresponds to the heart center and the ability to give and receive love.  The mantra Guru Ram Das, which calls upon the loving protection of Guru Ram Das, opens and heals the heart.

Mirabai Ceiba’s beautiful version of Guru Ram Das is on “The Heart of Healing”.

The Fifth Chakra lies in the area of the throat and deals with creative expression and communication.  The mantra Humee Hum opens and soothes the throat chakra.

Hummee Hum in several versions…

The Sixth Chakra is the third eye.  It relates to knowledge, wisdom and intuition.  The mantra “Ong Sohung“, which connects us to all-that-is, helps to bring about an expanded state of knowingness.

Snatam’s gorgeous live version of Ong Sohung

The Seventh Chakra is located at the crown of the head. Known as the Tenth Gate, this energy center relates to self-realization and connection with the entire Universe.  The mantra Waheguru  connects us to the experience of the Infinite.

Snatam’s Waheguru chant is called “Tantric Waheguru”.

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