While we’re working to understand what this election will mean to citizens of the world, here are six suggestions for what you, as a yogi, can do right away to work with this new reality.
10 reasons to meditate1. Dwell in Your Meditative Core
Now more than ever, the world is going to need you to be deeply connected to yourself and your neutral mind. If you’ve been wanting to add a Kriya to your daily routine, get up a bit earlier to do your Sadhana, or start a new practice altogether, we encourage you to do it now. It will give help pull you out of the post-election shock and give you hope. The world needs you in your loving core.
2. Spend Time with Your Family and Friends
Please make sure that you are not having to process this new reality alone. Surround yourself with people of consciousness and, in turn, help elevate them through your presence. I’ve you’ve been wanting to reconnect with friends or family, if you’ve been putting of social engagements or if you’ve been practicing and meditating by yourself, use this an opportunity to surround yourself with your community. As Yogis, we move from individual consciousness, to group consciousness and then universal consciousness. If you don’t know where to go, then Sat Nam Fest in Mexico is about to start where hundreds of yogis will be waiting for you.
3. Be the Lighthouse
As you get centered and find your meditative bliss, do your community and this world the service of being a lighthouse. Help those around you connect to what they love and allow them, through your presence, to feel hopeful. Many are feeling like ships lost in a storm and are afraid of what’s coming. Find your peace and then allow your presence to be there for them.
4. Create Peace in Yourself and Your Environment
If you’ve been hard on yourself, have been holding a grudge on someone, or have unresolved feelings of hurt or anger, use this time as a catalyst to create peace within yourself and your environment. Love yourself now more than every, forgive those who have harmed you, and use your internal peace to project love into the world. Your practice will support you in this process.
goddess5. Renew Your Respect for the Feminine
Remind yourself of the respect that you hold for mother earth, the divine feminine, the women in your life, and the feminine within you – no matter what your gender is. Connect to the divine feminine through your prayer and find a way to let the women in your life know that you honor then. Women have been assaulted by the vote for Trump, and now more than ever, it is our time to stand up for the dignity and divinity of every woman on this planet.
6. Serve
Whether you help someone in need, offer a prayer for someone who is less fortunate, volunteer at a homeless shelter, make a donation, or find any other way to give without a thought of receiving something in return, the yoga of service will elevate you. You are a yogi and know what to do, and so our prayer is that you use this opportunity to take the next step in developing yourself a serviceful human being. Spirit Voyage would love to hear your stories of service.

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