Are You Ready for Spring?

natural backgroundMarch has historically been a month of changes for me. My life always changed for the best; I always felt supported, and in fact I always was. Now I know that. As I feel my spirit soaking up the new awakened energies in the nature with the coming of the spring and lengthening of the day, I am also feeling it is a time to revamp my outer layers. Get new things and transmute the vibrant energy into your home, work and family life with new clothes, accessories, music and practices.

My Spring list is…

Go Tier-Wonderful

I just love this shirt, I cannot take my eyes off it. A classic shirt dress with a wonderful finish. It makes me feel I will fly away like a butterfly when the summer comes. It is full of promise and wonder.

Find a Secret power

In spring we feel the need to be connected to everything: touch the ground, taste water, smile with the wind, and dance with the fire. I start every day with salutes to the Sun. No Salute is the same because I am listening to “Journey to The Sun” by Adham Shaikh. No movement feels the same. Every breath becomes magical. Every breath is a story – it is telling something about myself. I feel complete and united. Wow, it is so good.

Make a Splash of Joy

I want to celebrate my feet, now when I can walk on grass I can thank them for all the support during the winter time. I want to allow them to breath, to run free. I will treat them by letting them go with my “Feet in the Soil” album.

Be Radiant as Rea

No spring is ever the same without Shiva Rea and her radiant heart routines. I feel an expansion, growth and radiance from within. Living from heart is what is needed from us in the times of changes. Strong heart means that you can take on any challenge and keep on smiling. Strong heart means that you will not catch a seasonal virus and will have a strong immune system all spring long.

Touch Your Heartfelt Core

The mantra Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha has changed my life. It came into my life in March and filled it with joy and enthusiasm to be an author of my own life story. Make sure you have this track handy this spring as energising our hearts becomes more and more important. Live from your heart, strengthen your heart and believe in your heart. Feed your heart with some amazingly amplifying, liberating and healing energy. Mantra eliminates suffering on many levels and gives an everlasting happiness so that you can transmit it to others.

Have Tea Time

I want to remember these moments of body, mind and spirit awakening by sipping in the pleasure of being. Simply being. I want this to be a memorable moment by doing one thing at a time. I feel so sane, so connected and so alive…Drinking a great taste of sencha green tea and ginkgo…


Make this spring very special because that is what you are!

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