I’ve been thinking and feeling the divine feminine, and thought it might be nice to share some of my favorite songs that I’ve listened to a lot over the years that specifically deliver the experience of the divine feminine. To me anyway… : )

Since I was very young, I’ve been going to Khalsa Ladies Camp here in Vancouver. It happens every year, and it’s had a huge impact on my life, especially in delivering to me the experience of the divine feminine. We do ‘celestial communication’ and meditate with this version every year. It’s almost dramatic in the way it presents the feeling of the mantra, but it sure helps get the feeling across! I also feel that it brings an aspect of royalty which is not generally expressed in many songs.
I find that Snatam’s version of this mantra is really great to meditate with. The mantra has a strong rhythm, and when I chant along with it, I find myself going into a powerful meditative state very quickly. It makes me “mantra high” pretty quick : ) I love it as much as Gurudass’s, but for different reasons.
This song is so sweet! I always feel very comforted when I listen to this track, it’s so sweet, and makes me feel like I’m in the arms of the mother : ) I also had very nice experiences when I was lucky enough to sing it live with him a few times when we were on tour together. Being a part of the experience of the song was a real treat for me.
I first heard this song when Girish was on tour with Snatam and GuruGanesha, and fell instantly in love with it when I heard them do it live. I bought the album shortly after that concert, and this song was all I listened to for about a week! It’s so beautiful and blissful, and it really opened my heart. There’s something special that happens when a man sings with all his heart in praise of the divine feminine, there’s a certain innocence and open heartedness. I like it.
I love how she incorporates the experience of the divine feminine from 3 different faiths! I love each section of the song, and every time I hear it, I wish she would make each one longer : ) !
This is a pretty recent addition to my list. I heard it a little while ago, and loved it! She invokes the energy of Mother Mary so beautifully, and her voice is stunning. This one (as are many songs about Mary), is a real crown chakra opener!

Love and Blessings to everyone,
Nirinjan Kaur


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