summerSummer for me is all about fun, exuberance, and epic adventures.  I’m kicking off my summer with a cross country drive (my fiance Harnam and I were given the task of driving all of Spirit Voyage’s merchandise from Summer Solstice in New Mexico back to the Virginia warehouse), and so far we’ve made it from New Mexico through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  How do I handle the stress of long stretches in the car?  With awesome yoga music of course!

Maybe its being in the heartland, but this drive is bringing up memories of my favorite “summer” song from my younger days.  It’s name?  “Summertime” by Kenny Chesney of course!  But what songs do I reach for today to ensure that I get down the road with a smile on my face?

Here’s a list of summer fabulous yoga music songs for Kundalini Yogis (and perfect tunes for a long road trip!)

Anand by Dharampal Kaur from “The Essence”

I’m obsessed with this song.  The catchy hook is a mantra for joy and elevation, and I dare you NOT to be elevated after singing along!  Put it on repeat!

Music Sound by Bachan Kaur

This quirky and fresh song is perfect when you need a bit more energy.  It’s like liquid, musical sunshine!

Jai Tegang (Ran Salman Radio Remix) – Nirinjan Kaur

I love just about anything Nirinjan Kaur, but this funky remix by Krishan takes me back to my young summers and clubbing in the south of France…but it elevates the vibe, keeps it spiritual, and cradles me in spirit and comfort.

Change by Gurunam

The driving pace and catchy lyrics of this Gurunam hit are easy to sing along with and dive into.  Want to live the summer of no regrets?  You won’t change a thing after listening to this pop mantra tune.

Beautiful Am I by Aykanna

This uplifting reminder of our own power has just the right blend of powerful and hip.   You’ll be singing along at the top of your lungs in no time!

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