When bad things happen, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Maybe you’re having one of those days where nothing seems to go right. Or you saw a story on the news that made your blood boil. Perhaps it’s a personal challenge that is pushing you to the breaking point. In difficult moments, we have the opportunity to put our yogic training into practice. We can do some Long Deep Breathing, or another pranayama to calm our nervous systems. If possible, we can do a quick meditation or a longer kriya to soothe our minds and emotions. If we can’t do any yoga, we can pull out our headphones and listen to some yoga music, letting powerful mantras do their work. If life has you stressed and overwhelmed, here are some of my favorite yoga musc albums that can melt your stress, soothe your spirits, and help you through whatever is happening.

Krishna Das Live On Earth Krishna Das has such a soothing tone to his voice. His style of kirtan, which is a bit more on the “traditional” side, is comforting. I know that if I’m upset, I can put on this album and let these mantras envelop me like a blanket.

Snatam Kaur RasTo me, Snatam Kaur’s voice is the auditory embodiment of healing. It cuts through all of the mental junk and layers of stress, and seeks out the places the need healing. On Ras, the mellow, introspective vibe is perfect for supporting someone through a difficult time.

Ashana Heart of CompassionSinging bowls are simply amazing. Like gongs, they work with vibrational frequencies to change energy fields in our bodies and the space around us. Heart of Compassion was created to support people as they work to heal feelings of grief and loss. The beautiful sounds of Ashana’s singing bowls underscore songs from Snatam Kaur, Thomans Barquee, and two of Ashana’s own compositions. This is a beautiful album full of healing energy!

Gurunam Singh The Journey HomeGurunam Singh is to Gurbani kirtan what Krishna Das is to Sanskrit kirtan. His songwriting speaks to the depths of the soul, connecting the listener with their truest Self. If you’re upset or overwhelmed, put on any of Gurunam’s albums and let your heart rest easy.

Mirabai Ceiba A Hundred BlessingsMarkus and Angelika, the couple behind Mirabai Ceiba, are the definition of sweetness. Their music mixes Kundalini mantras, English and Spanish songs, and intricate instrumentals to create a meditative and healing atmosphere. You could float away on the waves of devotion they create. It’s nearly impossible to listen to Mirabai Ceiba and hold onto negative emotions, making their music perfect for stressful times.

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