Picking out gifts for loved ones is hard any time of year.  Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year devoted entirely to romance, ups the pressure to find the perfect Valentine’s gift.  Sadly, many people crumble under the pressure, giving their partner lame or inappropriate Valentine’s gifts.  In an effort to make the gift buying process a little easier, here are 5 gifts you should definitely NOT give your yogi for Valentine’s Day!

McDonald’s Gift Certificates: We all like a quick meal every now and again, but fast food is definitely not the way to go. For one thing, the vegetarian and vegan options are lacking (french fries do not a complete dinner make). For another thing, do you really want to get lectured about the detrimental effects of conventional, industrial agriculture for soil and water all evening long? Which leads me to the next bad gift idea…

Monsanto Stock: Does this one really need explaining? GMOs. Patenting seeds. Suing small farmers because of cross-contamination. Your yogi may frequently post articles referencing Monsanto on his/her facebook page, but if you read closely you’ll notice they’re probably all negative! So skip the stock and save your relationship.

Tickets to the Gun Show: The Japanese have a long tradition of Zen archery. Tai Chi and other martial arts discipline the mind while simultaneously teaching self-defense. Modern American gun shows do not come from this tradition. Definitely not yogic.

2 shot glasses and a bottle of tequila: I know it can be hard to set a romantic mood. Chocolate and roses can just seem so cliché! But a night of doing shots just isn’t going to end well for anyone. Do you really want to remember Valentine’s Day as the night you spent in the bathroom sick? Probably not.

A Haircut: While a trip to the beauty parlor might be some ladies’ idea of a nice afternoon, it’s probably not going to go over as well with your Kundalini yoga-loving woman. And ladies, the same goes for your man. Don’t give him a fancy razor, or a trip to one of those luxury shave places. Unless the salon is going to do a nourishing hair mask and scalp massage, no scissors required, steer clear!

Why not surprise your Love with something a bit more classy, and yogic to boot:

Tickets to Sat Nam Fest would make a fun, romantic get-away.

A Spirit Voyage Gift Certificate, so he/she can get that item they’ve been eyeing for so long.

Music to set the mood:

Anything by Mirabai Ceiba

"Tears of Love" by Prema Hara

Music for Love Collection


Yogic reading:

"The Art of Making Sex Sacred" by Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa PhD

"Sexuality and Spirituality" by Guru Rattana PhD

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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