We all love the way that Kundalini Yoga makes us feel, and yet many of us are so busy that we struggle to make enough time for it throughout the day. Here are some very simple ways to integrate yoga into your life even when your schedule gets hectic:


1. Wake Up 5 Minutes Earlier

Make a small commitment to wake up five minutes before you usually do and spend that extra time stretching. Focus your consciousness at each part of your body. Start by moving your toes, then rotate your ankles, then stretch your legs, and work your way up to your head and neck.


2. Schedule a Moment to be with Your Thoughts

Set a daily time to check in with yourself. Listen to your thoughts and focus on making them positive and conscious. We often allow our subconscious to take over and by learning to check in, we can train ourselves to become thoughtful and aware throughout the day.


 3. Commit to a 3 Minute Meditation for 40 Days

Short meditations are a great way to commit to your yoga practice when your life gets busy. Whether you choose a specific Kundalini meditation to remove a block in your life or just focus on chanting to your favorite Kundalini mantras for three minutes, training yourself to get into a meditative mindset each day is wonderfully balancing.



4. Preplan Your Yoga Sets 7 Days in Advance

By planning ahead you will be ready to begin your set the moment you have the time and energy, instead of spending your time searching for the correct set. Preplanning also harnesses the power of goal setting and fosters commitment.


5. Stretch Before You go to Sleep

Finish the day as you started it. Wind down with some neck rolls and shoulder shrugs. Let the day go. Don’t let any of the planning and worries of tomorrow invade your thoughts. Be present with yourself and listen to what your body needs in order to rest peacefully.

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