Want to know how to raise your vibration? It’s easy! Here are five simple ways you can raise your vibration and live a happier, healthier life.

1.  Wear White!

Wearing white immediately raises our vibration by boosting our aura and allowing it to expand.  Yogi Bhajan said wearing white instantly created a three feet aura boost! Many other spiritual traditions also advocate wearing white to raise your energy.  Try it!

2. Take Cold Showers!

It sounds a form of torture, but a cold shower is actually good hydrotherapy or ishnaan.  It opens the capillaries, strengthens the nervous system and makes your skin glow, in addition to raising your vibration! (Here’s a hint…slather yourself with almond oil first…it creates a layer of protection on the skin that helps insulate from the cold.  And rub vigorously!)

3. Meditate!

There are many ways to mediate and all raise your vibration.  You can practice silent meditation, a pranayama, chant, or try a Kundalini meditation.  Click on this image of Sada Sat Kaur meditating to try an Adi Shakti mantra meditation.

4. Do Yoga!

Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram….pick something that makes your body giggle and plan time to entertain your muscles while raising your vibration.

5.  Listen to Sacred Music!

There’s nothing that raises our vibration like listening to Sacred Music at Spirit Voyage.  It transports us to the heavenly realms.

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