Mercury is known as the Ruler of Communication. It’s symbol – formed by the circle (Spirit) resting between the crescent (Soul) and the cross (Matter) –  represents clear & creative communication through complete integration of the Spirit, Soul, & Matter in life.

When a planet appears Retrograde, it looks like it is traveling away from us. Energetically, when a planet is retrograde, the qualities of that planet are expressed inwardly. So when Mercury is Retrograde, we can experience difficulty in our outward self expression and feel blocked in our communication. During this time it is suggested that we hold off on starting any new projects or jobs because we can have trouble communicating clearly and feel misunderstood.

But a lot of our “feeling stuck” is confined to the idea that we need a result. Mercury in retrograde is the  best time for us to put into practice the saying, “life is a journey, not a destination.” When we follow Mercury’s direction and turn inward, we have the opportunity to explore life on the more subtle realms through our body. By turning in, we open up to our heart’s deepest desires, and our most intimate feelings and emotions.

5 Ways to Enjoy Mercury Retrograde

Meditate – Meditating is the surest way to slow down and tap into the more subtle realms of living. When we choose to stop and sit on our cushion, mat or sheepskin, we create time and space in our lives to just be. From my experience, when I get caught in the ‘small stuff’ of life I feel stuck and disconnected. To re-connect with my soul, with grace, and to get back in the flow of life, I practice The Miracle of Connection (Dhati Hai) Meditation.

Walk or Bike – When’s the last time you biked to work? Or took a post-dinner walk with your lover? Walking or biking is great exercise for the body, and amazing therapy for the soul. When we choose to get outside our cars, we give ourselves time – time to slow down and enjoy being outside.

Drink Tea – The art of drinking tea goes back thousands of years. Allowing the tea to seep and flavor the water, smelling all the subtle scents of the flowers, then sitting and sipping the tea is complete Zen. Having a cup of tea is the ideal vision of luxury and patience. Sitting down and thoroughly enjoying a cup of tea is an ancient art in our modern, fast-paced world.

Write For many people, writing by hand has become extinct. For those of us who keep a journal, just being able to write words on paper is healing enough. What we write doesn’t have to makes sense – it really is just about the experience. But oh how sweet are the times when writing by hand inspires “ah – ha” moments and then even an action that helps us materialize our dreams.

Paint – Painting is an incredible way for us to experience our creativity. The beautiful of painting is that you can paint without even knowing what you are painting. Just take some paint to paper, canvas, or my favorite, cardboard and see what unfolds!


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