5 Ways to Clear the Second Chakra

The second chakra, or sacral chakra, governs creativity, sexuality, and emotions. Its physical location is just below the navel, spanning from front to back of the body. When we are out of balance in our second chakra we may find ourselves suppressing creativity, sexuality, or emotions.  An exaggerated expression of one or more of these areas may also point to an imbalance.   Here are five quick tips for creating balance in this potent energy center.

1. Mantra

Mantra repetition focuses the mind and brings swift balance to the emotions.  The mantra Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo has been translated as “I bow to the creative energy of the Infinite: I bow to the Divine Channel of Wisdom”.  It is also considered a mantra of protection.  Focus your awareness at the area just below your navel while you repeat silently or aloud Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

2. Kundalini Yoga for the Second Chakra

I recommend Sat Kriya for this chakra.  It helps to bring the kundalini energy up from the base of the spine, and channel sexual energy.  Begin by sitting with your knees together with your feet under your bottom.  Raise your arms above your head, squeezing your ears gently.  Lace the fingers together; leave only the index fingers extending upwards, pressed together.  While you hold this position chant Sat Nam for 3 minutes.  With each Sat pull the navel in and up.  With each Nam, relax and let your navel fall to its natural position.  To complete the exercise, tighten the muscles of the pelvis floor, pull the navel and diaphragm up, tuck your chin and lengthen the neck.  Focus your eyes up towards the third eye and feel the subtle energy moving up through your spine.  Imagine a light moving up from the bottom of your spine as you complete the exercise.  Now relax for at least 6 minutes and enjoy the effects.

3.  Essential Oils

Lavender is the cure all, as it adapts to whatever you need.  It will bring calm to the anxious, and uplifting energy to those who are depressed. Any of the conifer tree oils are especially soothing emotionally. Spruce, pine, Douglas fir, to name a few, all help you to stay grounded and yet connected to the heavenly. They are great oils to facilitate conscious union and spiritual intimacy.

4. Writing Meditation

If you find yourself feeling numb, or conversely, if you find you are overflowing with feelings, there are many healthy forms of self-expression to help you channel your second chakra energy.  Journaling — a letter of frustrations aimed only for your recycling bin… and love letters of gratitude and appreciation — can bring healing and balance to the emotional body. Here’s a simple writing meditation, which I find particularly helpful:

Find a notebook and a comfortable place to sit. Set a timer for 5 minutes.  Put your pencil to paper and do not stop moving your hand for the full five minutes.  No thinking, no premeditation.  This is a meditation! Let your feelings and thoughts pour out onto the page.

5. Creativity for Balance

Whether you consider yourself devoid of creative talent or call yourself an artist, anyone can express creatively.   Here is an idea for those who don’t think they are creatively inclined: Put on a fun piece of music as you go about your day-to-day responsibilities. Even drumming your fingers on the steering wheel, or moving your hips while you do the dishes or sweep the floor, lets your creative energy move and find balance.  Of course, if you consider yourself an artist, simply making a bit of time each week to enjoy your craft can bring second chakra harmony.

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