Love heart background from beautiful bright starsDo you notice that your actions and interactions are motivated by love ?  Do you feel a sense of connectedness with all life? Is “acceptance” a frequent visitor? These are the boons of a balanced heart chakra.  When it is in need of cleansing and balance we may experience irritability, detachment, loneliness or grief.

5 ways to Balance the Fourth Chakra


1. Spinal Twists
Begin sitting on the heels or standing with feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the shoulders with your thumbs facing backward, arms level with the floor. Inhale, twist to the left. Exhale, twist to the right.   Let your head join in the twist, turning with the shoulders.  Let the breath guide the twist.  Play with the depth of the breath and the stretch.  Feel the gentle massage to the ribs, heart and spine.


2. Mantra for the heart

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

This mantra can be translated as “The service of God is within me.”  Literally it means, “I am Thou”.  This mantra has long been used for healing and protection.

Ra Ma Da Sa is a mantra of the earth.  Sa Say So Hung is a mantra for the Spiritual.  The heart is the bridge between the two.  Let this mantra strengthen your heart, bringing you protection and courage.


3. Crystal Heart Therapy:

Crystals contain a wealth of energetic resources, which can assist, with all aspects of transformations.  Begin with identifying which crystal would work best with your Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz is well known as a stone of the heart.  It encourages awareness of your feelings and the flow of love. Green and Pink Jade are excellent for emotional balance, decreasing irritability and increasing a sense of nurturing.  You may feel drawn to work with one of these.

You may also pick from the crystals that you currently own. In this case, I recommend that you place all you crystals in front of you. Set your intension to ‘feel’ which crystal is best. Reach out your hand over each crystal and feel for a subtle magnetic pull, a sense of slight tingling, warmth, or simply a knowing of rightness.

Once you have picked you Heart Chakra Crystal, it’s time to use it for healing! Before bed at night, hold then over your heart chakra and breath deeply.  With each exhale visualize all heaviness, resentment, fear and pain being lifted out. Keep your crystal on hand anytime you are feeling symptom of heart chakra energetic congestion.  Repeat the above visualization whenever you wish to ‘unload’. Cleanse your crystals regularly, with sunlight, moonlight, or salt-water to release the negative energies they have gathered.

If you are short on time, simply wear a neck or wrist Mala containing beneficial crystals, and you will experience effortless support and healing which crystals have to offer.

4. Regular exercise

If you have heard it once you have heard it a million times. Exercise is good for the heart.  If you find that regular exercise is not a natural part of your routine it’s time to look over your day to day activities in search of the easiest ways to add some onto the flow.  Start out slowly with small commitments.  “I will take the stair at least 3 times per week,”  “I will walk around the block before dinner 3 times per week,” or “I will walk to nearby store at least once a week.”  Think about what is close to you work or home. Find a simple goal, and slowly build on it.  Even if it’s just to walk to down the street ever few days to visit the neighbor’s dog or to see a pretty tree, your heart will thank you.


5. Essential oils for the heart chakra:

One of the best smelling and most well known of the fourth chakra essentials oils is Rose oil.  It is a wonderful heart-healer commonly used to combat depression. Use Rose oil to increase positive thoughts, a sense of spiritualism and feelings of hope and happiness.

Clary sage is excellent for the 4th chakra as well.  It has a warm nutty aroma.  It too has been widely used to uplift and fight depression.  It is a nerve tonic and is wonderfully relaxing.

Here is a simple recipe that will allow you to easily and enjoyably experience the healing benefits of the 4th chakra essential oils.

Heart Healing Bath Scrub

½ cup of sweet almond oil

1cup natural finely ground sea salt (substitute sugar for sensitive skin)

10-15 drops of Rose or Clary Sage oil

Take time to nurture yourself as you work with the heart chakra.  Remember that you are a radiant aspect of the love of the Divine.  Love is a gift that you must first give to yourself before you can pass it on to other!

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