As we draw closer to the winter equinox, (Dec 21) the days are getting shorter and shorter. This lack of light can dramatically affect our mood and energy levels.

It can trigger feelings of  irritability, pessimism, fatigue and general mental fogginess.  We tend to sleep more, crave sugar and carbohydrates and seek stimulants outside of ourselves to cope with less light.

5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up this Winter

Stimulate your Pineal Gland

The pineal gland sits in the center of your head and is shaped like a pinecone. The ancients called it the seat of the soul.   The pineal gland is influenced by light – with less light it will begin secreting melatonin which makes one sleepy. Here is a meditation that will stimulate your pineal gland and rid you of mental sluggishness.

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Be in the Flow with Your Natural Rhythms

This time of year is calling you to go within and become more internal. Slow down, consolidate your energy and take this time for more self-reflection through journalling and meditation.

Stimulate Sun Energy

Begin breathing only through your right nostril. Block off your left nostril with your thumb all other fingers point up. Sitting up with a straight spine begin breathing long and deep. 5 sec inhale, 5 sec hold and 5 sec exhale. Do this anywhere when you feel down and need a pick me up.

Honor the Light

Go outside each day to receive the outside light that is available. Be sure to expose your forehead to the light. The forehead bone is porous and functions to transmit light to the pineal gland of the brain.

Connect with Your Own Inner Sun

According to ancient yogis we all have an inner sun located in the solar plexus. Practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to connect with your inner light and spread your radiance to all around you.

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