5 tips to spruce up your yoga practice

fowrard bendSpring is no dull time. It is time to try new things. It is time to rejuvenate, detox, and enjoy the abundance of energy. Try these suggestions to add a bit of freshness in your daily yoga practice.

Move around

Do you always sit in the same spot in the corner of the room? This spring change your perspective and – literally – look at things from a different angle. When next time you are coming up into a pose try to shift your focus to an area of your body that you almost never consciously feel, like feet or face.

Ask Questions

Next time you are in triangle pose, for example, evaluate yourself. We are used to doing and being in the same yoga postures. But our bodies and minds are different every day. Our needs change.

Check if your weight is not distributed equally? For balanced mind.

What if you are not pushing enough through your heels down to reach the earth? For grounding and support.

Are you strengthening your arms and shoulders at the same time as you are lengthening your legs and stretching the life nerve? For will power and vitality.

Ask your body these questions, check for answers.

Let others see you

Do a class with your yogi friends. A fresh pair of objective eyes can help you discover ways to enhance your personal practice by assessing your range of movement and physical strengths and weaknesses. A friend could become a ‘prop’ and help you to go deeper.

Shuffle poses

Write as many names of the yoga postures you can think of on separate pieces of paper. Shuffle them, and pick 7 poses. Find a way to move through them in a sequence. Check how you feel. Did you find it inspiring? What would you change next time? Why? Try it! Write down all the ideas and feelings you had, do not forget to reflect what felt great and what felt maybe a bit awkward. We can always shuffle more cards and pick some others to add to the mix.

Find occasions

Think about 5 occasions in your day you can do a stretch, meditation or pranayama. If you have a challenging presentation to deliver maybe you can calm yourself down through a cooling breath via a left nostril? If you have a stiff neck, can you do infinity rolls? If shoulders start to feel like rocks, can you do a spinal flex in front of your desk? Drop some yoga into your days, integrate the infinite wisdom with things you are doing and feel great.

This weekend I am going to hike through the country side. And I already know that I am taking Sa Ta Na Ma and Wahe Guru Wahe Jio mantras with me. I will practice with friends and will introduce non-yogis into rejuvenation and energy pranayamas. What do you think you can do?

A lovely Sa Ta Na Ma!



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