Earth Day is this weekend, and it has prompted many people to think about how they can live a more natural life. Whether you are concerned with your food choices, the cleansers you use, or the products you buy, there are a number of ways to promote natural living in your daily life. It isn’t necessary to change everything all at once, trying to win some sort of Natural Life Olympics. Instead, think of one or two things that you can implement easily and build from there. Before you know it, you’ll be living naturally and honoring the world around you in new areas of your life. Here are 5 tips to promote more natural living year round.

Make good food choices.  The food that we choose to eat affects more than just our bodies. The lives of the farmers and workers who produce the food, the soil and water that grow the food, and the plant, animal and microbial life of the farm are all affected. When we prioritize high quality, sustainably produced ingredients, we are showing our respect for the Earth and its resources. When we choose to buy products in season, particularly from local producers, we honor the cycle of the seasons that the people who nurture our food. Try shopping at your local farmer’s market or food co-op. If you live in a place that doesn’t have easy access to local foods, try planting a small garden with some of your favorite herbs or vegetables. You might be surprised to find how much more connected you feel to the natural world.


Food as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa MD

Foods for Health and Healing by Yogi Bhajan

Choose natural ways to clean your body and home.  Our bodies absorb things internally and externally. The chemicals that we come into contact with can seep into our bodies through our skin, making it vitally important to carefully consider the products you use in your home. It is amazing how much cleaning can be accomplished with simple products like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. You might also be interested in caring for your body with things like almond oil or coconut oil, which are nourishing to the body without containing additives or chemicals. You can add essential oils to both body and surface cleaners to make your home and body smell fantastic.

Essential oils

Go outside! This weekend there are tons of Earth Day activities that you can take part in. If you aren’t generally the outdoors-y type, think of this as the perfect opportunity to get out into nature and experience all it has to offer. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face, and the breeze on your skin. Your community may have an outdoor yoga class that you could participate in. Yoga and meditation are fantastic tools for helping a person to live a more natural life. The more regularly you connect with both the world around you and the world inside of you, the more energy you’ll have available for all aspects of your life.


Be inspired by the natural scenery of Kauai in Flow Yoga for Beginners with Shiva Rea

Less is more. The late comedian George Carlin once spoke about the absurdity of just how much “stuff” we seem to accrue in our lives, and the struggles we go through to keep it all. One beautiful thing about yoga is how it can naturally lead to an attitude of simplicity, and “less is more,” in practitioners. Instead of spending our resources trying to acquire the latest gadget, or additional product that we don’t necessarily need, we can develop a greater appreciate for all of the things we already have. This appreciation is not just for material goods, but also for the relationships we are in and the experiences we have. This doesn’t meant that we can never buy anything ever again, of course! Just that we bring a greater sense of mindfulness to our purchases so that we can live in the most natural, gentle way possible.  Perhaps we buy reusable water bottles, more durable yoga mats that last longer, or even high efficiency automobiles.  There are ways to continue to meet our needs while still being mindful of living naturally.


Extra Large Long Time Sun Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Thick Harmony Yoga Mat

Educate yourself. For those who commit to trying to live more naturally, their own personal interests will dictate the direction this natural living takes. For some, issues of wildlife and animal welfare may take precedent. For others, our food supply of the health of our water are more at the forefront. Whatever avenue your foray into natural living takes, arming yourself with good information and resources is key. Organizations like the Collage Foundation support projects that work in areas as diverse as textiles and sustainable agriculture. The World Wildlife Federation works to protect and conserve species around the globe. It doesn’t matter what your personal passion is, there are sure to be resources that will provide a channel for your time and energy.

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