You can’t thank someone without anjali mudra. Admit it: there is a permanent dent in your chest from all the times you’ve brought your hands together in gratitude.  Sure your kid’s teacher looked at you a little funny at the end of the parent-teacher conference.  And your car mechanic thinks maybe you’re part of some strange cult.  It doesn’t matter what other people think when you know how good it feels.  A little gratitude never hurt anyone, so anjali away!  Bonus points for each “namaste” you can include!

You think the latest diet/fashion/whatever trend is just an ego-centered distraction from loving your inner Self. A couple of years ago the “banana diet” took Japan by storm.  The idea involved something about eating lots of bananas and magical weight loss.  It sounded ridiculous, but it was almost impossible to find bananas.  Last year, paisley overalls and straw hats were all the rage.  This year they’ve been replaced by fox tails and fake (?) fur.  Actually, fur is already out.  That’s so winter! Whatever the fad, whatever the trend, wouldn’t everyone be a lot happier if we just all wore our pjs (or other comfy clothes!) and loved our bodies in whatever shape?  Oh wait, sorry, that’s just my yoga talking.

You know weird dietary or lifestyle changes will help you love your inner Self more. We all know how interested yogis are in taking care of their bodies.  So it’s only natural that once you’ve been bitten by the yoga bug, all sorts of things that formerly seemed strange now sound perfectly reasonable.  And I’m not talking tofu either.  How about sprouting stuff?  Drinking algae?  Gotta keep your insides light and fresh!  And what good are well working insides when our outsides are being assaulted by chemicals at every turn?  Forget soap and shampoo, try baking soda and lots of hot water!  Whatever floats your boat, you know it’s getting serious when caring for your body, inside and out, becomes a much higher priority.

Bending yourself into a pretzel or reciting long mantras in strange languages everyday sounds like a good idea. The second I signed up for the 40 day Bound Lotus challenge, I knew I’d really gone off the deep end.  Sure, the previous 40 days of So Purkh were challenging, but that’s just talking.  And alright, it was talking in a language that isn’t my own.  That’s alright, I like talking!  But contorting myself into a double pretzel, bending myself (roughly) in half, and staying there?  Insanity!  When a weekly yoga class is no longer enough, when you find yourself setting your alarm earlier and earlier so you can fit in all of the yoga stuff you want to do before your spouse and kids get up and look at you funny, you’re probably addicted.

Whenever your mother/brother/significant other/best friend complains about their sore back/hips/shoulders/brain/heart you immediately think “I know a pose that would help!” Sure you’ve only been taking classes for 3 months.  That’s ok!  You’ve done the work, felt the changes, and know that if only your loved one would take your advice and come to class with you – bingo!  Problem solved!  Now if only you could convince them that all yogis aren’t just yoga-vangelical vegetarians who don’t bathe, wear pjs outside, and walk around saying “thank you” all the time…

Like comfy clothes but don’t have any? Have some but want more? Try these on for size!

Anjali what? “Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands” is a great resource!

The Bound Lotus Manual is a must-have for safely turning one’s self into a pretzel!

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