5 Reasons to Chant

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.14.50 AMNeed a reason to chant? The book with the most thorough explanation of sacred chant that I have ever read is called “The Code of the Masters” by Joseph Michael Levry (also known as Gurunam).  Gurunam studied Kundalini Yoga for several decades, and eventually formed a style of yoga that is based deeply in sacred sound vibration.  To me, he is one of the world’s experts in the mysterious world of sacred mantra.  Having worked with mantras for several years now, I am convinced that they are very effective.  The following information is basic Kundalini philosophy, explained by Levry, and then simplified by me.

1.    Spiritual development. Yoga is great for physical health, but you will not develop spiritually until you open the heart chakra and other energy centers in the physical and subtle bodies.  Wiithout an open heart chakra, we cannot be open to the full experience of love and happiness.

2.   To heal the physical body. The vibrations act as a magnet to pull in the healing  sources of Light in the Universe.   When you chant the words of God, you start to merge with the Universe; forces of light in Divine dimensions we may not understand entirely. The sound vibrations can go beyond the astral plane into the divine (heavenly) plane; they are the keys to open the gates to the heavens so that the Divine can come in where doctors have failed.  The energy that you begin to attract and the manner in which your cells start to vibrate concentrically heal the physical form.  If you seek to heal the body through the soul, sacred chanting and music is the “highway to health.”

3.  Healing the healer. Anyone in the Kundalini dharma has selected a mission to heal; people on the roller coaster of life cross our paths often so that we can light the path with our knowledge, but people with frenetic energy can sometimes leave behind a residue .. Chanting mantra is one of the most effective tools to purify ourselves of any negativity we may pick up inadvertently.

4.  To share the joy with others. Every person has the capacity to set the tone of those around them.  By chanting sacred music, you are uplifted in a high energetic vibration, active in the Third Eye, 7th Chakra and 10th Gate … the energy centers of bliss and connectedness.  When you are on this plane, your electromagnetic vibrations will automatically exalt those around you.

5.  The one chant everyone needs to know: Ra Ma Da Sa. Ra Ma Da Sa (Sa Say So Hung) is called the Shushmana Mantra.  It contains 8 vibrations, that stimulate the flow of Kundalini in the spine.   Ra Ma Da Sa is a deeply, deeply coded sound vibration.  Ra Ma Da Sa is segmented into 8 parts:  8 is a number of infinity; a mark of divine design.  Our planet is constantly guided by the invisible energies that are caring for our planet and its inhabitants.  By chanting Ra Ma Da Sa, we can connect to these invisible energies.  RA connects us with the Sun, our primal light, traditionally RA is a masculine energy.  MA is the sound of water energy, the Moon, and Mother (compassion energy).  RA and MA together balance our male and female energies.  DA is earth energy, and brings the intention to earth, or manifestation.  SA connects us to air energy; flow; air is what carries the healing energy down from the heavens to earth; it is the conduit.


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