Yoga props are commonplace for many yogis. Yoga mats are often the first thing people pick up, followed by things like yoga blocks or meditation rugs. These props help us practice safely, maintain proper alignment, and provide comfortable cushion for our joints. Some of us can’t imagine practicing without our handy yoga props, and would almost rather skip practice completely than do without. But many people may not know the wonders of the meditation cushion, a yoga prop that has many applications for meditation and beyond.  If you aren’t sure you need a meditation cushion, one of these 5 reasons might change your mind.

Meditation cushions alleviate pain in seated meditation. Before I bought my cushion, I would often experience physical discomfort in seated meditations. My lower back would get sore, and my feet would fall asleep to the point that I couldn’t walk when I stood up. I tried sitting on blankets, small cushions, pillows – anything I could find laying around, but nothing helped. It wasn’t until I finally got a meditation cushion that I was able to sit comfortably. The filling in the cushion really conforms to the shape of the body and supports the natural curvature of the spine.

Crescent Meditation Cushion with Kapok filling

Meditation cushions are portable. Weighing in at just a few pounds, meditation cushions are light enough to throw in a suitcase or backpack for travel. Many cushions also have a strap on one side that you can use to carry your cushion with you. Some are even inflatable, making them light enough to slip in your pocket when not in use! You can sit on them at outdoor events, use them as a pillow, or back support on airplanes.  Last year I took my meditation cushion to a yoga festival, and it made those hours sitting on the ground much more comfortable. Come to Sat Nam Fest West and you’ll definitely see me with my trusty cushion in tow.

Inflatable Zafu Cushion

Meditation cushions improve posture. Since I got my meditation cushion, I’ve spent much more time sitting on the floor. Spending time in backless seats strengthens the muscles that hold me up, and keep me from slouching against back and armrests. It did take some getting used to, but now you can often find me watching tv or reading a book while sitting on my cushion.

Crescent Cushion with Buckwheat filling

Meditation cushions double as yoga props. I don’t have a yoga bolster, but that hasn’t stopped me from practicing relaxing, supported poses. You can use your cushion to support your knees in reclined twists, or lay over it in Reclined Bound Angle pose (baddha konasana). It will support your lower back in Legs Up the Wall, or just about anywhere else you might use a bolster. Try it out!

Buckwheat Floral Crescent Cushion

Meditation cushions are a physical representation of your meditation practice. I am all about visual reminders and symbols. When I see my meditation cushion, I remember that I need to meditate. When I sit on it, I think about the many other times I have meditated and feel gratitude for my practice. If you accept the concept that things and places carry the vibration of events, then your meditation cushion will carry a meditative vibration. Whenever you sit on it, you’ll slip into that frame of mind more easily and deeply.

Buckwheat Zafu

Spirit Voyage carries meditation cushions in several styles and shapes so you can be sure to find the right cushion for you!

Cosmic Cushion

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