natural backgroundYogi Bhajan gave Kundalini yoga to his students as a tool that would be vital for adjustment to the Aquarian Age.  What did this mean?  That the world would reach a point where the energy would be difficult to manage.  This isn’t woo-woo, but a way of describing what is going on around us. Think about the amount of wifi networks that criss-cross around a city.  These radio waves effect the pituitary gland, the master gland which controls your hormones.  You may have trouble sleeping or feel exhausted during the day.  That’s just one part of it all.  Think about the amounts of information that we are processing now.  We are getting constant stimulation from the world, our cell phones, text, internet, ipods, etc…all before we get to work.  Our brains are computers that are used to operating with a slower processing speed, and the rate at which we are using them is causing a lot of strain.  There’s bigger stress on our bodies and our environment than ever before. The world won’t feel different all of a sudden when you wake up on 11/11/11 because we’ve been in a gradual cusp period and the growing stress we’ve felt has acclimatized us to the energy.  You may just continue to feel additional stress, even if you don’t know why. This is a big part of why Kundalini yoga can help you now.

Why Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is a powerful technology that balances the nervous system and the glandular system.  Much of the physical and mental stress we feel could be alleviated by strengthening these two systems within our bodies.   Kundalini yoga massages the organs, flushes the liver, opens our lungs and helps to detox our physical and mental selves from the pollution of the times. Chanting meditations also help to tranquilize the mind, soothe our ruffled nerves and lift our mood.

Here are 5 things I’m keeping in my tool kit for the Aquarian Age.

Foundations Series Volume 5 DVD: “The Change of the Age” by Yogi Bhajan

Nothing like hearing about the change of the age from the Master of Kundalini yoga himself, Yogi Bhajan.  Listen to his lectures on the topic and do meditations with him designed to help and support you during these challenging times.  Wonder about the changing times?  Take the class with Yogi Bhajan yourself.



Herb Technology Brain Plus

Yogi Bhajan’s herbal formula to strengthen the brain.  As we use more and more computers and rely on faster functioning our brain, we may feel foggy, tired and forgetful.  Refresh your brain health with this powerful herbal formula. Scientific research has indicated that ginkgo improves absentmindedness and alleviates memory loss, commonly associated with the aging process, by refreshing the cells of the brain with ample blood and oxygen. Brain Plus combines ginkgo with Gotu Kola and other herbs to support brain functions such as memory, alertness and mental acuity.


Transitions to a Heart Centered World

This is one of my favorite Kundalini yoga books.  It has kriya and meditations galore to open the heart, balance the glandular and nervous systems and support your stress relief and mental well-being.  Pick anything in this book and try it out…and you will feel magnificent!


Crimson Sadhana

The Aquarian sadhana mantras were given by Yogi Bhajan to prepare for the Aquarian Age and to serve us throughout the times.  These powerful mantras are sung in the morning before sunrise, but you can sing along with them at any time.  Gurunam Singh‘s gorgeous voice is easy to chant along with and also inspiring to listen to.  Stand out track “Guru Ram Das” can be used for healing and miracles at any time and is just beautiful.


Sat Nam Fest

In the Aquarian Age, it will be very important to get support from like-minded people.  It’s not the time for lone wolves, but to be a part of a pack of like-minded individuals.  Come experience for yourself the transformational power of an event like Sat Nam Fest. Sing, dance and do Kundalini yoga with hundreds of open-minded and open-hearted people.  Meditate with your favorite Kundalini chant musicians.  Eat delicious, healthy food and recharge in the sacred desert.  Give yourself the gift of an Aquarian retreat!


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