Soothing a Broken Heart with Yoga

Breakups are tough. They bring up intimate questions and issues that may have eluded us during the relationship we’ve just ended. We’re often saddened and troubled by the void left in our lives and the pain of separation from someone we love. But as yogis, we have tools to control those emotions. After all, we are not what we feel. We are what we choose to be. Here are five tips to help you transition through your time of need with grace and a calm mind.

1. Cold Showers

Google “cold shower health benefits” and you’ll find a host of sites listing tons of benefits. There is nothing better to get you going in the morning than the rush of super cold water on your skin. Cold showers not only improve circulation and contribute to burning fat, but they also help regulate mild depression. Instead of laying in bed, hugging your pillow, and missing the person that used to sleep there, jump out of bed and clear you head with the invigorating sensation of a cold shower. Once, when a student complained to Yogi Bhajan that the water in her mountain town was very cold, Yogi Ji replied bay saying that she was very blessed, as the colder the water, the better.   To learn about Ishnan, the Kundalini Yoga practice of cold shower therapy, Click Here.

2. Strengthen the Navel Point

Do you know how to check if your navel point is centered? Do stretch pose with breath of fire between 30 seconds to a minute. Feel that pulsing in your belly? Make a point with your fingers and push straight down toward the spine a couple inches below the belly button. If you don’t feel that pulse directly centered, you’re off. Do more stretch pose, throw in some leg lifts or go all the way and do Naabhi Kriya. A centered navel is the root to controlling your emotions.  Click Here to practice Naabhi Kriya with Anne Novak.

3. Healing The Wounds of The Heart Meditation

Pretty self explanatory. This is a powerful meditation that can be found in the “I am a Woman” manual, though it’s not only for women. The meditation uses the chant “Mera Man Lochai” which sings of one’s love for the infinite. It will transform your emotion into devotion.  Click Here for full instructions on the meditation: Healing the Wounds of Love.

4. Kriya for Detoxification

Detox doesn’t just refer to a substance. It also refers to the detoxification of the mind. Kundalini Yoga for detoxification will help you eliminate and process emotions that you didn’t even know were there. We take in a lot more than we process out, so we need yoga like this to break through those invisible energetic blocks.  Here is a peek of this class in the course Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit.

5. Read Up

Yogi Bhajan has tons of teachings on effective and healthy relationships. “Man to Man” and all of the Women’s manuals, to name a few. Get to know the yogic perspective on partnership. It’s so different to the point of view with which we are raised in Western society. Perhaps, in the future, you can apply the wisdom and technology of Kundalini Yoga to aid you in your journey.

To sum up, humans just want to be loved. Often we look outside for that sensation of comfort and acceptance. In doing, we often set ourselves up to be hurt. By strengthening our discipline as yogis and calming our hearts and minds, we can make better decisions in our love lives.

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