There’s too many good Kundalini yoga music albums to pick just 5 “classics”, but in this list I’ve attempted to pull out 5 albums that you’ll love and might not have seen before.  More importantly, the person you’re buying a gift for might not have seen them either. Each album has its own flavor and feeling and provides a rich experience of the sacred sound current.  If you’ve never heard the mantra for miracles, you’re in for a treat.  Always wanted to hear Snatam Kaur sing an interfaith prayer?  She did early in her career. And you’ll hear Sat Kartar at her most ethereal, and Satkirin Kaur at her coolest.  Throw in a little Singh Kaur, with her inexpressibly beautiful voice and melodies, and you have 5 Kundalini yoga music classics that make great gifts.


Naad: The Blessing by Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

This CD is commonly featured in many Kundalini yoga kriyas.  This miracle mantra “Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur” is powerful and potent both for listening and for manifestation.


Sat Kartar Ethereal Journey

Don’t miss the incredibly mystical “Narayan” on this beautiful album by Sat Kartar.  You’ll float to the outer realms.

Singh Kaur Peace Lagoon

Singh Kaur had a voice for the ages.  The emotion in her voice is so real, you can reach out and touch it.  There’s classic after classic, including  “Beloved God”, “Crimson”, “I Would Make Myself a Slave”, “Aad Guray Nameh” and “Azure Salver”.  Incredible richness and depth.


Snatam Kaur To Heaven and Beyond

Anything by Snatam Kaur makes an incredible gift.  Every CD is full of loveliness, but this CD, one of her first, is often overlooked by her many fans.  On it, she sings the name of God in many different languages, creating a beautiful interfaith prayer for peace.  Perfect for massage, interfaith gatherings, meditation, or just singing along.

Satkirin Kaur Khalsa Jaap

Entrancing and powerful, yet sweet and gentle, these mantras are a mixture of beautiful music and rich mantras.  The driving beat in Gobinday Mukunday makes its great for energetic kriya and its easy to listen to for long periods of time and sing along.




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