5 Great Shavasana Music Albums

Shavasana or Corpse Pose is the final deep relaxation at the end of a kriya. To get into shavasana you simply lay down flat on your back with the arms to the side and palms facing up.

Shavasana facilitates deep relaxation and allows assimilation. It also helps to rid the body of tension and stress. Shavasana has an effect on the body that brings a sense of receptivity and surrender. It also brings all the energy down into the root chakra. I find it very helpful to get into shavasana especially when I am having trouble integrating something.

Soft relaxing music is great to play during shavasana to help facilitate deep relaxation. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Ashana: Jewels of Silence
If you are not familiar with Ashana please do yourself a favor and check out her work! She has a voice of an angel mixed in with the healing vibration of crystal bowls. Her music reminds me of those movie scenes where you see the entrance gates to heaven. “Jewels of Silence” is especially great because each track is tuned to the vibration of a specific chakra. The next time you do a kriya for a certain chakra, play that corresponding chakra’s track from “Jewels of Silence” during shavasana.  (Editor’s Note: You can come see Ashana at Sat Nam Fest West in Joshua Tree, CA  April 12-15.)

2. Hans Christian: All is Well
Hans Christian is a master cellist. This instrument seems to have ability to really pull at your heartstrings like none other.  The cello in “All is Well” is very sweet and slow. This can be a great album to play after working on a kriya for the heart area. Just make sure you keep the volume low.

3. Aine Minogue: Celtic Meditation Music
Perhaps it is my Celtic roots, but I love the harp. This is my favorite harp album. There are also elements of cello, violin and clarinet. “Celtic Meditation Music” is very slow and beautiful. Every track on this album is wonderful. The harp, especially the way Aine Minogue plays it feels like you are being embraced by the Divine Mother. It is very comforting. No matter how your day went or what you are going through, everything will be all right when you hear this. “Celtic Meditation Music” is a great album to play when working with childhood issues or when detoxing emotions.

4. Dr Yogi: Therapeutic Gong
Yogi Bhajan played the gong a lot during shavasana. When you do not have access to a live gong, this album is the next best thing. Dr Yogi plays four tracks on the Paiste Gong all for specific effects. Sun and Son is for awakening the inner light, Wave helps transcend the mind, Seed connects us with our soul, and Avtar connects us to our infinity. The Therapeutic Gong is especially great to play to play during shavasana for balancing out the nervous system and releasing you from your thoughts.

5. Manose- Dhyana Aman
If you are looking to relax to the soothing sounds of the flute, this is one of the best albums I think you can find. Manose is a wonderfully talented flutist. You cannot go wrong with any of the tracks on this album to deeply relax to. There are many other wonderful elements to this album such as the resonance of Sacred Vibrations; deeply profound Eternal Chant and Tibetan Chant; and the masterful flute improvisations in Tengpoche Monastery and Release. This is a good all purpose shavasana album.

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