The Aquarian Sadhana is a practice of chanting seven specific mantras in the very early morning… some might even say “middle of the night.”

When I got back from my level one teacher training in New Mexico I started going to morning Sadhana at Yoga West in Los Angeles. Until my friends and I offered to play the mantras live, we were listening to a lot of different CDs. Thus, I got to hear an amazing selection of the beautiful Sadhana music out there.

(Click here to listen to Nirvair Singh, CEO of Kundalini Research Institute, talk about the Aquarian sadhana chants on Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh.)

Whether you are looking for a gift for a fellow Kundalini yogi who practices in the morning, or for someone who would just enjoy listening to something calming in the background at work, these albums are a wonderful addition to anyone’s music library.

Aquarian Sadhana by Nirinjan Kaur

This is one of my all time favorite CDs, Sadhana aside. The tracks evolve in a way that make them meditative, and also something you want to listen to any other time of day. In my humble opinion, this album is simply flawless—from the choice of melodies, to the instrumentation, to Nirinjan’s effortless singing.

A Daily Practice by Sat Kartar

This album is amazing for people who want to start their practice and have a hard time staying awake. Sat Kartar is a kirtan rock star. When I first heard this album I was driving to my first Solstice with a new friend. It was so fun and groovin’. I didn’t realize that it was intended to be played before sunrise! “A Daily Practice” will keep you sitting up straight, focused on your chanting, not napping.

Sadhana in the City by Sat Darshan

Sat Darshan’s first album simply feels like group Sadhana. The listener is given the brilliant illusion of being in a room filled with enthusiastic fellow chanters. And anyone who has ever been to a yoga class knows how great it feels to practice with others. His “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio” is the best I’ve ever has the pleasure to meditate to. You will hear many talented instrumentalists on this album, as well as some beautiful harmonies by Bachan Kaur.

Crimson Sadhana by Gurunam

Rakhe Rakhanhar is generally my favorite track on any Sadhana album, and Gurunam’s is certainly no exception! The way it builds in percussion and the addition of Simrit Kaur’s harmony vocals is simply magical. I also appreciate that his 22 minute “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio” keeps building and building and never seems as long as it really is.

Beautiful Day by Sat Purkh

I first fell in love with Sat Purkh’s voice when I heard “Aisa Naam” (off her “Nectar of the Name” album). This album is recorded in that folk-artist way that makes you feel the musician is in the same room with you. This album is nurturing, gentle, and leaves you feeling very loved—ready to enjoy a beautiful day indeed!

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