We’ve passed the finish line, and although sadhana is never really finished, this is a tremendous achievement. 1,206 people from 26 countries joined Spirit Voyage in reading Japji each day, some reciting, some singing, but all letting the powerful sound current of these sacred words wash over them.  I am so proud of each and every one of you.  To recite Japji is not an easy task; the words can feel complicated and cumbersome when they are unfamiliar and developing patience with ourselves can be a huge challenge.  But so many kept up and did their best and the power of intention combined with the brilliance of the words made this an incredibly transformative time.  Some of you have found your personal sadhana and say you will not stop.  Others didn’t feel anything shift within them, but were happy to have kept their commitment.  Whatever happened for you is your personal journey.  Japji is a tool and treasure found along the way.  You may take it with you on your journey, or you may leave it behind with whispers of a respectful goodbye, but it has touched your life and mine forever.  It has been a part of your personal story, and I believe all our stories are better for it.

Spirit Voyage thanks Nirinjan Kaur, for her slow and diligent recitations that helped so many who were struggling with pronunciation.  We thank Guru Raj Kaur for her illuminating teachings on Japji and its meaning.   We honor Ek Ong Kaar Kaur for her skillful teachings and translations and her beautiful articles. We also thank Sat Purkh Kaur and Dev Suroop Kaur for their articles, as well as Mary Green for sharing her personal journey.  We thank Sada Sat Kaur for her Keep Up message. But mostly we thank you, if you participated, for making the energy of this global meditation as powerful as it was.

The last two lines of Japji are staying with me now and asking to be shared one more time as a parting gift: “Jini Naam dhiaaiaa, gae masakat ghaal./Naanak te mukh ujle, keti chhuti naal.”  In Ek Ong Kaar’s beautiful translation it means: “Those who meditate in the core of their being, who earn themselves through their hard work, Nanak their faces are radiant and beautiful and so very many who are connected with them are liberated too.”  Your hard work has brought you more of yourself, and you will leave this sadhana radiant and beautiful and help to raise the vibration and the consciousness of all those around you. I honor you for your role in the transformation of the planet during this critical time.

I hope you will join us for the next Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana.  Your presence is necessary and fundamental; your energy is felt and appreciated. Congratulations and Keep Up.

Peace to all, love to all, light to all.

Sat nam,


and the entire Spirit Voyage Family



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