As part of the Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana: Increase Your Energy, with Sirgun Kaur, we include a discussion forum on Facebook so that everyone attending has a chance to connect, to share, and to ask questions about the practice.

Sirgun has received a couple of questions regarding modifications to this practice for those who have physical limitations. She was so touched and inspired by the commitment of everyone practicing with us that she recorded a short video to explain her answer.

If you are inspired to participate in our 40 Day Global Sadhana: Increase Your Energy, you can sign up here.  It’s never too late to sign up! Just start where you are, and tack on some days at the end.

You may also connect with us on the Facebook Discussion Forum here. Just select “Increase Your Energy.” If you “Like” the first post, you will be subscribed to the forum.

If you are in love with the song for this global sadhana, you can purchase it here.

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