Have you ever wanted a promotion, but that did not happen. Higher salary? Benefits? Holiday? Have you watched how the meeting went? I am sure you have re-played the meeting many times in your head wishing something was said better or something was not said at all. Breath could be a secret as to how you can win over or create win-win situation!

1. Just Listen

The moment you lose your breath, the emotions start kicking in. Once you are in control of your emotions you can focus your energy on what you want to say to your manager or colleague.Control your mind by controlling your breath. Notice how someone breathes, observe him. Is he is breathing faster? Is he getting a bit emotional? Faster breath means he is losing control of his breath. You need to act on that knowledge -talk slower and breath deep – he will mirror you. If you sense that you are getting irritated about what the manager is saying, bring yourself back – why you are – here. What is the purpose of this meeting – this keeps you focused.

2. Just Listen

Also try to understand what manager wants to take out from the meeting – it is more about listening to your manager now – what he is saying and why – really understand. The moment you start judging and internally criticizing – your mind is diverted from now, from understanding – you can lose focus again – bring your attention to your breath and listen. Relax and watch, let your breath and calm state of mind bring you the rewards.

3. Time and rhythm count!

Whenever you are experiencing a powerful (positive or negative state), like say, you are extremely happy about something – like you got an excellent appraisal from your client, just take a minute to pay attention to the breathing pattern. Be aware of the timing and rhythm of your in-breath and out-breath. Your exhalation should always be longer than your inhalation. When it is shorter, your breath is shallow.

When we consciously revert to the same breathing pattern we had before we got hit by the hormones, within just a minute or two, we will experience the same calm state. Such then is the power of proper breathing!

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