130672We are wired to seek security. The way our psyche is designed we find comfort in the familiar. Conversely, the nature of the Universe, including us, is designed to evolve and express our Creators plan. Evolution gives birth to change and sometimes our safety seeking mind fights to push change away with our habits.

Change can be tuff! Our, almost 3 year old Guru, Sahej Rose’s personality will change every 2 to 3 weeks. Her emotional and creative expression will flow like a raging storm into beautiful warm tropical waters with colorful fish and giggles. Our mother Earth also has her way to express change with her seasons, storms and earthquakes.

Its tough dealing with change but sometimes when we evolve we discover something beautiful about Life and Love is a one of the greatest discoveries!

Love is the highest expression of change. I experience Love as the Supreme Guru leading me from the darkness of my traumatic childhood and depression to the Light of loving my child, wife, music and yes even myself.

I thank Yogi Bhajan for being the evolution of Kundalini Yoga by bringing it to the U.S. His action exposed me to yogic teachings which in turn changed my perception of myself and my relationship to life.

Your heart is in a constant meditation movement (change) playing the rhythm of life that serves YOU.

If you are facing change and it is disturbing your sense of security or ability to appreciate life remember this.

With every breath You have an opportunity to create a conscious relationship with yourself and the world you live in. Change is happening at a faster and faster pace then ever before. Which means we are evolving at a fast rate as well.

Here are 3 treasures from our Conscious Relationship course we offer to you. These treasures have helped us let go of the resistance to change. In our experience fear of the unknown is what causes resistance to living life full on as a Co- Creator.

  • Commitment to YOU – BE YOU – Creatively interdependent – YOU ar connected and unique be the best you. You need daily practice for that. A practice a simple as alternate nose breathing for 3 to 11 minutes, and find ways Release all fear by replacing it with action(practice), trust and commitment. Chanting Sat Nam in this fashion – Long Sat and a short Nam for 3 to 11 minutes for 40 days will help
  • Emotional Intelligence – Emotions can give you information about what you want to experience and what you value. You need to re-pattern your mind for healthy relationship with Life/Change, beginning with you – change your mind, change your life. It’s a muscle, like going to the gym. A simple practice is Seva. Help somebody in need without expecting anything in return. As a practice Kirtan Kriya is a great meditation we use. You can find it at spiritvoyage.com
  • Communication – Creates connection and an opportunity to experience Love. Share your needs and listen for the needs of your loved ones, your community and our Mother Earth. For communication to be productive, be committed to meeting these needs without demands and change will help you discover your ability to be a solution to a problem. This will bring deep fulfillment and sense of purpose. Then your not focused on the unpleasant feeling of change. Instead you are in the joy filled process of being your destiny. A good practice here is to chant Ong namo Guru Dev Namo or Sat Nam in this fashion – Long Sat and a short Nam for 3 to 11 minutes for 40 days

These are just a few treasures that have helped us allow change to fall in love with Us! Especially when change challenges us in a painful way to evolve. You can find peace and feel secure in your ability while evolving. If you want to learn more you can click here to check out the free videos.

To begin your Seva practice join Kirtan Aid: Nepal Earthquake Relief and help rebuild the lives of people deeply effected by change that happens so fast.

Ready… Set….Go…..Change and evolve into the real you, Sat Nam, TRUTH is YOUR IDENTITY!


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