For many women, getting their period is something to dread. Especially if you suffer from heavy bleeding & painful cramps, there seems to be nothing beautiful about menstruating. Yet this time is very much sacred. As women,3 Simple Practices for Your Moontime the time around our cycle is a time to turn inward & make self care a priority. There is so much happening within our bodies, that little outside stimulation is needed.

On our Moon, we must shift away from the go, go, go & do, do, do of daily life and slow down. When we are bleeding, it is an sacred time to honor practices that allow us to turn inward & tune-in to our body’s needs. Whether you physically bleed or not, our MoonTime (3 – 7 days each month) is our special time to treat ourselves like Goddesses.



3 Simple Ways to Honor Your Inner Goddess

Enjoy a Hot Bath. Soaking in warm water alleviates cramps & soothes mental tension. Make this time extra special “me time” with candles, bubbles, & essential oils.

earth is space

Need A Deep Relaxation? Try This! Earth is Space: Sacred Gong Meditations by Crown of Eternity.

Rest. Allow yourself to sleep-in during this time and even take naps. Curl up with a heating pad & watch your favorite T.V. show. Instead of checking Facebook, read a book instead. Ask your partner to cook dinner for you. Allow yourself to break your daily routine & just do less during during your MoonTime.

Practice more restorative yoga poses to help the body relax. Use blankets & pillows in Balasana (child’s pose) and try placing one hand on your womb & the other on your heart in Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined bound angle pose). Meditate on the rise and fall of the breath to relieve mental stress.

Write. When we are bleeding, we are very sensitive & open to new depths of our subconscious. This is an auspicious time for us to remember our dreams – both literally & figuratively. Keep a dream journal to record your night dreams & write freely about your hopes & visions for your life. I especially love to write poems during this time or express myself through painting & drawing.


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