Insomnia is never fun, but there are ways to make your mind and body relax, even when it seems impossible. By playing mantra in your environment, and chanting along, you can achieve a state of mindful meditation that will soothe you at your core.

While sleep is very important to the body, meditation is as well. And sometimes, insomnia can be a blessing, especially when we take it as an opportunity to meditate. Try the following Kundalini Yoga mantras to relax and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Sa Ta Na Ma


Saa = Infinity (totality of the Cosmos)
Taa = Life (birth of form from the Infinity)
Naa = Death (or transformation)
Maa = Rebirth

This mantra for insomnia is a Panj Shabad (meaning five-sound mantra). The five sounds are the sounds of the consonants – S, T, N, M plus the vowel sound AA.  These five sounds help balance the hemispheres of the brain. Insomnia is often caused by an imbalance of brainwaves, or chemistry within the brain. “Sa Ta Na Ma” helps to regulate and soothe your mind. The mantra itself refers to the cycle of life, and has great power as a catalyst for change.

Some beautiful versions of Sa Ta Na Ma:

Cycle of Life by Mirabai Ceiba

Kirtan Kriya by Nirinjan Kaur

Har Har Mukunday

Translation: The Infinite Creator Liberates Me.

This mantra help liberate you from whatever blocks are enslaving you. You can apply this to your insomnia, directing the flow of the prayer to help you sleep. “Har Har Mukunday” is also said to change challenges into opportunities and to remove fear. If worries are keeping you awake at night, this mantra can help you release them from your physical, mental and etheric bodies.

Awakened Earth by Mirabai Ceiba

Har Har Mukunday by Avtar Singh

Ang Sang Waheguru


The dynamic, loving energy of the Infinite Source of All is dancing within my every cell, and is present in my every limb. My individual consciousness merges with the Universal consciousness.

This simple mantra brings peace and healing into your body.  Often we lie awake because of physical pain or imbalance, and this soothing, hypnotic mantra can help you release your pain by re-identifying with Universal consciousness.

“Ang is ‘a part.’ Sang is ‘in every,’ or ‘with every.’ Wahe is ‘the indescribable living ecstasy of Infinite Being.’ Guru is ‘the knowledge that transforms your mind, emotion, and essence.’ The whole phrase means, “The Infinite Being, God, is with me, and vibrates in every molecule and cell of my being. This mantra expresses a universal truth. Repeating it creates a thought, which gradually guides the psyche to adjust itself.

It reconnects every fragmented projection of the psyche, each separated part of the body, and synchronizes the finite sense of self to Infinite Oneness. This act of rejoining the separated parts is the quintessential act of healing. Under attack, under war, under the pressures of fear, this meditation keeps us together, conscious, and ready to act. It brings the inner peacefulness that comes only from the touch and scope of spirit,” wrote Gurucharan Singh, KRI Director of Training.

Some beautiful versions of Ang Sang Wahe Guru:

Sacred Love Meditations by Mirabai Ceiba

A Thousand Suns by GuruGanesha Band featuring Paloma Devi

Bonus Mantra: Check out Kirtan Sohila, the nighttime prayer of the Sikhs, which helps with sleeping and insomnia as well!

Evening Prayer by Snatam Kaur

Suite Kirtan Soheila by Guru Prem Singh and Simran Kaur Khalsa


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