Love heart background from beautiful bright starsHeart opening mantras are extremely special because, for a lot of us, when the heart space opens, it’s where we feel the first flush of warmth that fills us when we begin the awakening process.

The heart is the center of some of our most beautiful human emotions and, of course, the tie that binds us all: love. But the joy of the heart center cannot be experienced to its highest potential if it’s scarred energetically or constrained by the heart’s shadow emotions, which can manifest like a spider web, blocking us from the flow of love.

These black threads are the thought forms of grief, jealousy, wanting, yearning, and even hatred. When we clean these threads and purify the heart center, we breathe much more expansively and our posture changes. People around us respond to us in a more positive matter. Lightness and happiness prevail.

Investing in healing the heart is perhaps the most valuable expenditure of one’s time and energy. It will transform your whole life. In changing your heart, a multitude of blessings will unfold and blossom around you. It’s beautiful to practice opening your heart with others, so that you can observe the change in them as well and realize the transformation more fully.

In my opinion, all mantras are for the heart, but these three in particular will stimulate the heart center and eradicate its shadow emotions.

1) Ong Sohung


Snatam Kaur’s version of “Ong Sohung” featured in her album “Shanti”

Chanting this mantra stimulates and opens the heart chakra.  It is a beautiful recognition that each of us is a part of the Creative Consciousness of the Universe.

Complete Mantra: Ong Sohung


Ong: The Creative Consciousness of the Universe

Sohung: I am that!

Meditation: Place your left palm a few inches from your heart center, and your right arm straight, wrist resting against the knee in Gyan Mudra, and chant Ong Sohung for 7 to 11 minutes.  Particularly good to do on Fridays, the day of Venus.

Find more music with “Ong Sohung” here.

2) Mera Man Lochai

This shabd, found in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, was written as letters between Guru Arjan and his father Guru Ram Das.  It is beautiful poetry. This shabd, merged with the chant Aad Such, can be used in a meditation to Heal the Wounds of Love.

river of light

Ashana’s version of “Mera Man Lochai” featured in her album “River of Light”

Complete Mantra:

Mera Man Lochai gur darshan taa-ee
Bilap karay chaatrik kee ni-aa-ee
Trikhaa na utarai shaant na aavai
Bin Darshan Sant pi-aaray jee-o
Hao gholee jee-o ghol ghumaa-ee
Gur darshan sant pi-aaray jee-o

Tayraa much suhaavaa jee-o sahaj dhun baanee
Chir ho-aa daykhay saaring paanee
Dhan so days jahaa too(n) vasi-aa
Mayray sajan meet muraaray jee-o
Hao gholee hao ghol ghumaa-ee
Gur sajan meet muraaray jee-o

Ik gharee na milatay taa kalijug hotaa
Hun kad milee-ai pri-a tudh bhagavantaa
Mo-eh rain na vihaavai need na aavai
Bin daykhay gur darbaaray jee-o
Hao gholee jee-o ghol ghumaa-ee
Tis sachay gur darbaaray jee-o

Bhaag ho-aa gur sant milaa-i-aa
Prabh abinaasee ghar meh paa-i-aa
Sayv karee pal chasaa na vichhuraa
Jan Naanak daas tumaaray jee-o
Hao gholee jee-o ghol ghumaa-ee
Jan Naanak daas tumaaray jee-o


Sirgun’s version of ” Mera Man Lochai” featured in her album “The Cosmic Gift”


My mind longs for the vision of the Guru’s Darshan
It cries out like the thirsty song bird for the nectar of your name.
My thirst is not quenched, and I can not find peace
Until I receive the Darshan the beloved saint.

I give myself, and my soul
for your Darshan, my beloved Guru!
Your face is so beautiful, and the sound of your words (shabd) is so filled with inner wisdom.
It has been too long since this rainbird has had even a glimpse of water.
Blessed is the land, where you live, my friend and loved one,
my Divine teacher.

I give myself, and my soul, to my beloved, my Divine Guru
An instant away from you, brings darkness
When will I meet You, my beloved Waheguru?
I can’t endure this night, sleep eludes me too
Until I see your home, my beloved Guru!

I give myself, and my soul to your true home, my beloved Guru!

Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa and Nirinjan Kaur’s version of “Healing the Wounds of Love”

By good fortune, I met my Saint Guru
and I have found that the immortal creator is within the home my own self
and so I will always serve you and never be separated from you even for an instant.

Guru Nanak says- I’m your slave, my beloved Lord.
I give myself and my soul. Servant Nanak lives to serve you.

Meditation: Healing the Wounds of Love

Healing the Wounds of Love is exceptional for severe break-ups and grief.  Chant the first 45 minutes, then listen to the next 11 minutes for 11 or 40 days. My sister had a major energy explosion doing this one! It is linguistically challenging to start but don’t be intimidated – this is a powerful and worthwhile chant to heal all matters of the heart!

Listen to more great versions of “Mera Man Lochai” here.

3) Wah Yantee

Nirinjan Kaur’s version of “Wah Yantree” featured in her album “Aquarian”

The “Wah Yantee” mantra is known for awakening the intuition. Wha Yantee is one of the mantras on every Aquarian Sadhana CD.

As I am typing out these suggestions, my heart is soaring just listening to Wah Yantee.  It was given by the saints and sages as one of the highest prayers, and it is one of the most beautiful and uplifting I know.  I like this one with hands in prayer pose, and I always visualize light, light, light!

Complete Mantra:

Waa yantee kar yantee, jag dut patee,
aadak it waha, brahmaday trayshaa guroo, it wahay guroo


Snatam Kaur’s rendition of “Wah Yantree” featured in her album “Light of Naam”


Great Macroself, Creative Self. All that is creative through time, all that is the Great One. Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. That is Wahe Guru.

Meditation: Awakening Intuition with Patanjali’s Song

Sit in easy pose or on a chair (hands in lap both feet comfortably on the ground.) Close your eyes and look at your 3rd eye point, or just relax the eyes closed. Meditate for 7 or 11 minutes. 

Enjoy more renditions of “Wah Yantree” from amazing artists here.


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