Looking back at pictures from the 11.11.11 Kundalini Yoga and Music Festival, it’s easy to feel a bit jealous. The amazing setting, the live music, and wonderful classes must have been a life-changing experience for all who were fortunate enough to be there. Having the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people while immersing yourself in yoga, well, there’s just nothing like it! While traveling to the other side of the world may not always be feasible, there are some wonderful Kundalini yoga festivals and retreats coming up that can satisfy your need for a yoga immersion.


Song of the Self Retreat with Snatam Kaur – On the Song of the Self retreat, you’ll spend one week in beautiful Costa Rica, experiencing all the Kundalini yoga has to offer. Each day you can participate in morning Sadhana, yoga and meditation workshops, afternoon Self Worth workshops, and evening chanting. Each portion of the program will be presented by Snatam Kaur, Sopurkh Singh, Prabhu Nam Kaur, and Sat Santokh Singh.

When you’re not basking in the Sound Current or blissed out from yoga, you can enjoy 3 gourmet vegetarian meals per day, with a Pure Foods Option at lunch and dinner. You’ll also have the option of participating in a Yogi Cleanse, which combines a Kundalini Yoga Cleanse, a pH Alkaline Food Cleanse and a Five Part Herbal Cleansing Kit to detoxify your body and spiritually nourish yourself.

Children are welcome to attend the Song of the Self retreat. Jai Fuller and Parmatma Khalsa will guide children through an exploration of their chakras, with music, dance, art, and games. Jai has lifelong experience working with children, and also runs the children’s programs at Sat Nam Fest West and East.

Dates: March 10-17, 2012

Visit www.snatamkaur.com/retreat for more information.


Sat Nam Fest – With two festivals per year, in Joshua Tree, CA in April and Waynesboro, PA in September, Sat Nam Fest is a great opportunity to join the Kundalini yoga community for 4 days of yoga and music. For the East and West festivals, all of your favorite Kundalini music artists will come together under the same roof to lead kirtan and play together. Teachers such as Gurmukh and Prabhu Nam Kaur lead workshops and yoga classes, many of them accompanied by artists like Gurunam Singh or Simrit Kaur. You can choose from a 1-day, 3-day, or 4-day pass, making it possible to fit some Sat Nam Fest fun into almost any schedule.

Chef Shivanter Singh, who plans the meals for Snatam Kaur’s Song of the Self retreat, is preparing the food in the Main Dining Hall for Sat Nam Fest. In addition to being vegetarian/vegan friendly, there will also be an emphasis on local/sustainable foods. The Sat Nam Fest website has a sample menu, and the options are mouthwatering!

The children’s program will be run by Jai Fuller, and will involve activities for children aged 4-12. Kids will play games, do art projects, and spend time enjoying the outdoors. The program will be divided into morning and afternoon sections, with children eating meals and participating in evening concerts with their parents.

Dates: Sat Nam Fest West – April 12-15, 2012 in Joshua Tree, CA

Sat Nam Fest East – September 13-16, 2012 in Waynesboro, PA

Visit www.satnamfest.com for more information


3HO Summer Solstice CelebrationSummer Solstice is the pinnacle of Kundalini yoga happenings. This 10 day celebration has been taking place since the 1970s, and draws thousands of people from dozens of countries each year. Come to Solstice ready to work, as a portion of each day is spent practicing Karma Yoga. You can choose from many different yoga workshops, attend White Tantric Yoga, celebrate International Peace Prayer Day, and many other activities. Sadhana is held daily, with artists such as GuruGanesha Singh and Snatam Kaur providing music.

The menu at Summer Solstice was designed by Yogi Bhajan to help support the Solstice experience. Mung beans, rice, and potato-vegetable soup are among the alkaline foods served, which Yogi Bhajan said will help calm the nervous system and integrate the energetic changes you experience at Summer Solstice. Meals are vegetarian, with many vegan components.

There is a children’s program at Summer Solstice, with a wide variety of activities for kids to enjoy. Swimming, archery, yoga, and clowns are just some of the activities children can look forward to while their parents are taking part in the adult portion. There are special meals for kids, including options for children with dietary restrictions.

Summer Solstice takes place at Guru Ram Das Puri in Espanola, New Mexico. This land is held sacred by some Native Americans, and was purchased by 3HO and christened Guru Ram Das Puri in the mid 1970s. The area is in the high desert, so expect hot, dry days and cool mornings and evenings.

Dates: June 14-23, 2012

Visit http://www.3ho.org/summer-solstice/ for more information.

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