1) How many days and breaths do you have left? Connect now and connect forever.
2) It can help calm your mind (relax you).
3) It can help open your heart (bless you).
4) It can bestow grace upon your feelings. In deep pain/grief, or when blocked in some way, the divine can touch you to release and transform the experience (you).
5) It can help you tune in to your self, your soul and it’s divinity. Touching that shifts everything in your favor. Touching your depths, heights and rebalancing you in so many ways.
6) It can get you in tune with your surroundings and that can extend in a very subtle way… “To Infinity and Beyond!”
7) Intuition, spontaneity and happiness. This way you know what is best for you in any given moment/situation.
8 ) Compassion. Until the flow is going in you compassion won’t happen.  Many people know the way to “act” compassionately. They help people and do the “right” thing but it can end up being a dry experience or from a place of “spiritual ego”. One can just grow numb and be lost in routine. But have you cried for another’s pain lately? Have you ever? How long has it been? Chanting can reopen you to prayer, for others, which is a gateway to experiencing your soul, and service from the heart. You can take prayer into chant and/or chanting can make you/take you into a living prayer.
9) Because you know on some level your soul needs it and when you don’t you’ve neglected your soul. Just as the body the soul must be fed.
10) Because you want to!
11) Because there are so many reasons I am not thinking of right now.

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