10 Reasons to do Yoga

DSC_47961. Emotional balance. Brings emotional and mental stability, and regulates the glandular system.

2. Self study. When you learn more about yourself through your body, you view and react to the world in new ways.

3. Re-balance nervous system. Yoga balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems so that you are more calm.

4. Strength & Flexibility. Yoga builds and maintains muscles and flexibility.

5. Community/new friends/meet new people. My friend met her husband in yoga class. Another recently widowed friend found a great support group in yoga; it is a great place to meet new friends.

6. Release toxic emotions from the body. Stretching the muscles and tissues can release toxic emotions that have been suppressed in the body. Many people experience feelings of emotional relief when they begin a practice.

7. Confidence. By opening the different chakras in a supportive environment, people in yoga bring their newfound confidence to other parts of their lives.

8. Gateway to new experiences (off the mat). You can hit yoga just for the class, but it is often the gateway to a new interests in books, music, and even travel.

9. Detoxification. Sweating and twisting moves the toxins out of our organs.

10. You might find a new career! Many people who try yoga get so hooked they become teachers.

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