We are loving the trend of kirtan musicians putting out music videos. It combines the chant music we love with a visual tapestry that allows our eyes to meditate along with our ears.  Here are some beautiful kirtan music videos that have captured our hearts.

Snatam Kaur’s Earth Prayer

Featuring her song “Earth Prayer” from the album Ras, this video is powerful, beautiful, and reminds of why we so love Snatam Kaur.

GuruGanesha Band’s A Thousand Suns

Feel the light of a Thousand Suns in your heart while watching this music video featuring the GuruGanesha Band.

Mirabai Ceiba’s Har Mukunday- Mantra of Liberation

This hit song from Mirabai Ceiba’s album Awakened Earth sets our hearts free.  The dramatic cinematography features dancers on glaciers and is simply stunning.

Deva Premal’s Gayatri Mantra Around the World

First recorded by Deva Premal on The Essence, this powerful mantra has been with her since birth as her “bedtime song”.  Her deep connection to this mantra, and the generosity of her heart in chanting this mantra all over the earth, will inspire you to chant along (and spread these mantras in your area of the world!)

Mirabai Ceiba’s Ocean of My Dreams

This dreamy song from Mirabai Ceiba’s album “Between the Shores of Our Souls” features gorgeous underwater photography, straight from the ocean of our dreams.

Snatam Kaur’s Mere Ram Live in the Redwoods

Even the trees cry when they listen to Snatam sing.  This live version of her Mere Ram is a Free download on SpiritVoyage.com!

Jai Uttal’s “Down on My Knees”

This family affair features Jai Uttal with his wife and son all sharing the powerful mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

MC Yogi’s Be the Change

A radical view of Mahatma Gandhi (and hip-hop kirtan) featuring his song “Be the Change”!

David Newman’s Stay Strong!

Like a who’s who of bhakti kirtan, this music video by David Newman will inspire you to Stay Strong (and give back!)

Ena Vie’s Earth Prayer

This beautiful video features the Ho’ponopono prayer and the lovely voice of kirtan artist Ena Vie.

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